CNMI Sexual Offender Registry is Online

July 23, 2010

The CNMI Department of Public Safety has a professional looking CNMI sexual offender registry online.  The registry contains a name search, geographical search, community notifications and a resources page.

To find all sexual offenders for an island go to the geographical page and search by zip code.

For the Saipan zip code there were 86 sexual offenders listed, for Rota zip code 2 offenders from Rota and one from Tinian were listed, and for the Tinian zip code there were two names, but they have addresses in Sinapalu, Rota.

I think the DPS is still in the process of updating the list.  If you put in some names under name search, you cannot locate the sexual offender, but he is listed under the general zip code search.  Case in point, Kaipat.

Congratulations to the CNMI DPS for getting this information out to the public. It is especially important because of the recent string of sexual assaults in Saipan.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Wendy for your help in getting the word out about the lack of a registry in the NMI. I commented a few weeks ago about the lack of a registry and maybe I put the bug in your ear, but you really ran with it and it seems to have made a difference. Thanks to Crime Stoppers, KSPN2 (who ran two stories lately) and the Trib and Variety. And Jason Tarkong who worked to put this together. And finally, the AG's office which acted much quicker than I thought they would. Good Job AG. I don't think they hear this very much. Again, thanks Wendy, and I think our island is a bit safer today.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, how about give us a link for the site, TNX

Wendy said...

The link is embedded in the first sentence of the post. Here is is: CNMI Sexual Offender Registry

Anonymous said...

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