Complaints Filed Against CNMI Officials

July 28, 2010

Controversial DPS Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro is making headlines once again. A police sergeant has filed a complaint against him for "harassing and intimidating DPS employees and ordering personnel to participate in illegal hiring activities." The allegations against  Ogumoro, who was reinstated by Governor Fitial on July 7, 2010 after he was terminated by the commissioner Tudela, are serious.

From the Saipan Tribune:
Sgt. James C. Deleon Guerrero also alleged that Ogumoro had asked some officers to sign a petition to replace Santiago Tudela as commissioner, and even made sexually suggestive remarks about the CNMI first lady during command staff meetings.

In his complaint, Deleon Guerrero asked DPS and the Office of Personnel Management to immediately stop Ogumoro from harassing, intimidating and subjecting DPS employees to a hostile working environment.

Deleon Guerrero also demanded that he and his subordinates be placed under the command of another supervisor and away from Ogumoro.

“Ultimately, this formal grievance is about restoring the integrity of the right of DPS employees against hostile and dangerous work environments, coercion, bullying and intimidation of DPS employees by Ogumoro,” the sergeant said.
The complaint suggests that Governor Fitial is actively interfering in the internal business of the department and could be contributing to the problems at DPS.

It was reported that after Ogumoro's termination in May 2010, Police Officer James Rabauliman was instructed by the commissioner to retrieve Ogumoro's radio.  However, Ogumoro reportedly told Officer Rabauliman that he had "already talked with Gov. Benigno Fitial about his return to DPS."  According to the Tribune,  Ogumoro "allegedly threatened to transfer Rabauliman and Deleon Guerrero to other sections once he returns."

The Saipan Tribune reported:
Ogumoro allegedly stated that he is holding a petition for Rabauliman to sign it. When Rabauliman asked what the petition was about, Ogumoro allegedly replied: “Let's just say that our boss is not doing a good job and this petition is to just to put him aside. It says that I am better qualified to run the department than he is.”

Fitial reinstated Ogumoro as deputy commissioner on July 7.

Three days later Deleon Guerrero said, he found in his mailbox a copy of his transfer to the Evidence Custodial Unit, as well as copies of personnel orders transferring three personnel under his command to other areas.

The orders were all signed by Ogumoro. Deleon Guerrero said Tudela did not sign the orders so he called the commissioner.

He said Tudela stated that he has to concur with all personnel orders before they take effect.

...Deleon Guerrero said he believes that Ogumoro is engaged in the illegal hiring of employees and he believes that Ogumoro is coercing DPS civil service employees to perform illegal hiring and the choosing of his preferred vendors for repairs and other services.

Deleon Guerrero said Ogumoro lacks the required temperament and leadership skills as evidenced by his outbursts and use of profanity during command staff meetings.
Why would the governor reinstate this man? In several previous incidents he has demonstrated that he has a hot temper, lacks control and probably cannot be trusted to uphold the principles of those entrusted to protect the public.  In 2006 he threatened to blow up the DPS office and kill the governor. He was convicted of unlawful possession of ammunition in 2006. Also in 2006 he was arrested for beating his wife, but those charges were dropped in a plea deal.  In 2008 Judge Robert C. Naraja expunged his record and he was reinstated in the DPS.   In May 2010 he was terminated after he displayed once more a hot temper in an unauthorized news conference where he appeared to be upset with DEA involvement in the arrest of a Tinian police officer for drug possession.

In another Saipan Tribune article police spokesperson Officer Jason Tarkong said, “Ogumoro would like to assure the public he is working closely with Commissioner Santiago Tudela, and is glad to be back.”

Does anyone believe that?  There should be an immediate investigation on the allegations made by Officer Deleon Guerrero.

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Department of Labor Woes
Foreign workers are not the only ones with complaints about the CNMI Department of Labor.

An official of the CNMI Department of Labor (DOL) filed a grievance against the DOL with the Civil Service Commission to address his job complaints.   He alleges that Deputy Secretary Cinta Kaipat transferred “unqualified” employees to classified positions.

 Alfred A. Pangelinan, Citizen Job Availability section director of the Department of Labor, filed a complaint against Deputy Secretary Cinta Kaipat with DoL Secretary Gil San Nicolas in April 2010, and also with the Office of Personnel Management concerning reorganization of the department.

The Marianas Variety reported:
Pangelinan questioned Kaipat’s decision to transfer “unqualified” employees to classified positions.

“I agree that the department needs to be reorganized to cater to the present needs of its programs. I have no dispute to this effect,” he said.

But he said the transfers have procedural defects based on the Personnel Service System Rules and Regulations.

“The behavior is completely an unacceptable method in the selection of candidates and it is not based on the merit principle pursuant to section 10-20.2-005 that guides the classification of positions, employment conduct, movement and separation of employees,” he said.

Pangelinan said the reorganization effected by Kaipat has taken away his classified position and responsibilities.

...He also wants the removal of potential conflicts in the work place, saying that “personal relationship between managers and his subordinates that puts them in a favored position should not be tolerated.”

He requested that a desk audit be conducted to ensure that the types of jobs assigned to people are based on their actual responsibilities.


Anonymous said...

Complaining about your lack of classified clearance at DOL is kinda like complaining about your status in company that makes VCR's. For a time you had a purpose, now... Note: How many people still work over there?
As for Deputy Dawg, he must have some dirt on someone in the Administration. Really, that can be the only reason I can see they keep this creep on. He feels he can do anything, and he might can if he has the right evidence. Remember, he works for people that carry guns so he should know how to spell: (F)ree (R)ide bec(A)use of (G)overnor.

Anonymous said...

Punch these guys full names into the computer and see what comes up. Interesting! (Ogumoro, and Kaipat)