Ho, Ho, Huh?

July 20, 2010

For all of the people upset because of the plan for austerity Fridays, which means that their salaries will be cut and they will have to worry about making ends meet, the governor's press secretary, Angel Dempapan had this to say to the Marianas Variety:
Austerity Fridays are just like some work days during the Christmas season when most government employees hardly report for work.

Why not treat Austerity Fridays like it’s Christmas? Press Secretary Angel A. Demapan said yesterday.

“Besides, we believe everybody needs to make sacrifice,” he added.

House Bill 17-45, the austerity measure, is expected be passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor.

It will reduce government work hours from 80 to 72 by shutting down offices every other Friday. Critical services and federally funded posts will be exempted.
Oh, and he added that "when the administration first implemented Austerity Fridays four years ago, many government employees “learned to like it because it gave them a long weekend.”

I suppose this guy will also be "sacrificing," because "everybody needs to make sacrifices."

I really do not see the relationship between Christmas and having one's hours cut. Celebration equals despair?


Anonymous said...

Angel Demapan said . . .

It should be made clear that at no point during this interview did I make any comparison between the austerity friday to the "Christmas Season". What I had explained to this reporter was that on austerity Fridays, the government should be operating just as it would on any other legal holiday observed in the CNMI.

For example, on Christmas Day or Labor Day, it is an observed holiday. However, our dedicated police officers, doctors, nurses and all other essential or emergency personnel still report for duty on these days. These are the "essential service" personnel that we believe should be granted the exemption.

Now where Mr. Erediano drew inspiration to falsely imply that I had given the same meaning to "austerity" and the "Christmas season", that remains a mystery, but not a surprise.

MVariety blog July 21, 2010 06:50PM (emphasis added).

Anyone who has been around Saipan awhile is well aware of the tendencies of some of our reporters.

Most local residents wouldn't rely on CNMI press accounts for anything of importance.

Captain said...

Most of these Govt. employees have every payday Friday off anyways.(with pay) They all show up for work and then many end up at the beach drinking and BBQ.(then Mondays off because of a hangover)
The first time this was initiated they did not have the payday Fri. as the off day, so the employees "literally" had every Fri. off.
Now, since nobody in the Admin. is smart enough to do what most places do, (that is to stagger the employees work days, or hours so that the offices stay open) at least they should make the payday Friday as the off day.
But again this is only a front so that Fitial get his way, such as unlimited reprogramming of funds and now this Austerity days, is what he wanted from the beginning.

I truly believe that this will only turn out being a "delaying" action and there will eventually have to be a RIF.(as has happened in every other admin after the pre-elections hiring.
Where is the money going to be coming from to support this inflated Govt. with the continuing decline in revenues?
The problem now has been that Fitial has not discontinued the hireings, he even "skirts" the legislature by creating "special positions"

Now what is going to happen when CUC fills the court mandated position at the high salary. This may bring the "new hires" (from Malai's on) payroll alone, close to 1 mil. annually.

Now we have Christmas in July by taking money away from the lowest paid employees, while the upper echelon dine on Steak and lobster and the austerity personnel eat instant Pancit Canton.

BUT these people voted these contemptuous, self serving clowns into office, while well knowing that many of these rejects in the past did nothing but compound existing problems at the time and continue to do so today, they all held various offices, so just "let it be" to bad, so sad.
The majority got what they voted for.

Anonymous said...

to comply with all the federal court orders, the real christmas will be when we get a present on our bills thanks to BenTan and Tony Muna.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 11:25

I guess we would have to hear from the reporter to make a decision on what was or what not said or implied.

Captain said...

Yes Wendy, maybe you might send a note to Zaldy to have his reporter to "clarify" what was said, in this blog. I know for a fact that Mr. Todeno has a problem in this area, as well as not knowing how to ask questions and being able to report the whole story, accurately..
Usually if there is a discrepancy on an article, Mr . Guzman will "pop" up in the statement column and clarify it. ( Gemma on occasion has also)
With this "defense" by Angel in the MV and now in your blog, I maybe inclined to think he may have been taken out of context.

It is interesting to see though that this blog (and MV)has the attention of some of this incompetent Administration.
I wonder if it has any effect on the outcome of any of the idiotic proposals that we don't hear about.

Wendy said...

My comment should have read:

I guess we would have to hear from the reporter to make a decision on what was or what was not said or implied.

The Saipan Blogger said...

I wouldn't doubt the Christmas reference from this administration. These are guys who call pay cuts "holidays" and tax increases "revenue generating."

They are great students of Orwellian language.

Anonymous said...

On Aother note: I have heard that the NMI Sex Offenders registry will be online at 3pm Friday Afternoon. They are having a press conference tomorrow to make the announcement.

Anonymous said...

JFYI, from an e-mail from MV,the reporter stands by his "quote" from Angel Demapan in his story on Demapan's reference to Christmas. Also the reporter had tried to contact Demapan but he will not reply to the reporter..

It seems that Demapan did not realize how much public outcry would be, so now he is back peddling on his comments.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 10:03 Thanks, and Zaldy also referred to the remarks by the press secretary in his editorial. It's not cool to make a statement and then claim to be misquoted by the reporter.