Poor John Doolittle -NOT!

From left to right: John Doolittle, Kerrie Ring, Kevin Ring and Julie Doolittle

July 6, 2010

Poor John Doolittle, the ex-congressman (R-Abramoff) from California. He wants to "get his life back" according to Roll Call. Here's a hint, Doolittle, don't pal around with convicted felons, make back door deals, screw innocent people, support legislation in exchange for campaign contributions, manipulate House Hearings, arrange for your wife to get paid for a job serving Abramoff clients, or otherwise thumb your nose at the law and you won't "lose your life" or spend the rest of it looking through the want ads for a job.

From Roll Call:
John Doolittle, 59, figures he has three main options, and all would take him back into the realm of politics. He could join a lobbying firm, run an association or join a corporation’s government relations team.

“I’d like to do anything that makes a meaningful contribution and helps me support the family,” the nine-term former Member said during an interview last week in his Oakton, Va., home.

It’s the same home that the FBI searched three years ago — an event that John and Julie Doolittle say ended their professional careers.

But even as they attempt a rebirth, the Doolittles remain figures in an upcoming trial of Kevin Ring, the ex-Congressman’s former legislative director who later became a lobbyist for Abramoff’s team.

Long before the search, a cloud of suspicion and intrigue already had enshrouded the Doolittles. Not only were they friendly with Abramoff and his family, but Julie Doolittle counted Abramoff as a $5,000-a-month client for her bookkeeping and fundraising event planning business, Sierra Dominion Financial Resources Inc.
Doolittle sought help in landing a job from headhunter, Lorraine Levet who reportedly told him, "I’ve Googled your name; there are some serious allegations here. Unless or until you have an answer [to these allegations] I just can’t help you.’”

So, I googled John Doolittle's name and I must say that I agree that things don't look so hopeful for him getting a job.  The google search also pulled up a few of my articles that detail what a dishonest schemer Doolittle is.

Roll Call reports that Doolittle is also worried about his reputation. Why worry? He was responsible for making his reputation what it is today - bad. Maybe some remorse, acceptance of guilt, or a few apologies may be a start to repairing it.

Doolittle said that his attorney was informed that the investigation into his involvement in the Abramoff case has been dropped, but DOJ has not confirmed that.  The investigation concerning Julie Doolittle's $5,000 a month Abramoff job helped to get her named as a co-conspirator in the Kevin Ring case. There is no indication that that investigation has been dropped.

Doolittle gets no pity from me. His actions were not victimless.  His actions perpetuated the suffering of thousands of cheated and abused foreign contract workers.

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