Presentation on U.S. Immigration Scheduled

July 17, 2010

The United Workers Movement-NMI is inviting all guest workers and the nonresidents to a presentation on U.S. immigration law by Attorney Rose Villazor to be held at the Multi Purpose Center in Susupe on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. The presentation will be made in layman's terms to assist workers' understanding of the law as it applies to them.

Attorney Rose Cuison Villazor is the daughter of former CNMI foreign contract workers and she grew up in Saipan, graduating from Mount Carmel High School.

She is an associate professor of law at Hofstra University School of Law in New York. Her scholarship focuses on U.S. territorial legal issues, immigration and citizenship law.

Rabby Syed, president of the United Workers Movement said, "Any law in any country is created to help the people. The U.S. is a nation of immigrants and the U.S. immigration law is designed to benefit the residents and foreigners.  We need to understand the law. I am calling all the guest worker leaders and guest workers and nonresidents to attend the presentation to get a better understanding of the law and how it relates to us."

For more information please contact: Rabby Syed at 285-3306, Ronnie Doca at 285-9255, or Jun Concillado at 287-0191.


Anonymous said...

This should be an interesting "presentation" and well attended.
It should also be a "light" for many of these CW, US children.
Hopefully it will be a further warning to these useless NMI Govt officials. Their days are numbered.It is only a matter of time.

I sure would like to know how many of the CW children are reaching or at the "legal age" within the next couple of years.

Anonymous said...

And how many will stay here and get jobs?

Local elected officials are in no significant danger through the intermediate future.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't she open up a legal clinic? That would be great!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to raise money for her or the law school to do so.