Senate Public Hearings Rescheduled: Make Your Voices Heard!

July 29, 2010

The CNMI Senate Committee on Federal Relations and Independent Agencies’ public hearing on the long-term status of guest workers in the CNMI has been rescheduled from Friday, July 30, to:

Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010
 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
at the Kagman Community Center

Written comments may be submitted to the office of Senate before or during the public hearing.

Oral testimony may be presented during the public hearing.  If you wish to present oral testimony, inform Hofschneider’s office not later than 24 hours prior to the public hearing. For more information call 664-9904, fax 664-8860, or e-mail

I encourage all guest worker groups and individual guest workers to make your voices heard! Attend the hearing and bring written testimony.  (If you cannot attend the hearing, you can submit the written testimony before August 4, 2010 to Senate Vice President Jude U. Hofschneider at the legislative building on Capital Hill.) Testimony does not need to be formal.  A simple letter with your reasons for supporting status and a pathway to citizenship for long-term foreign workers is sufficient. Be sure to include your full name and address.


Anonymous said...

And all employers and people with empathy for basic humanitarian concerns are also welcome! The funny thing about these hearings is that these "leaders" just sit there and pretend to listen. How about we ask them some questions like this:

1. Who fixes your car?
2. Who mows your lawn?
3. Who maintains your hotel rooms?
4. Who works for $4.55 per hour?
5. Who takes care of your children?

WHAT would you do if they all leave? Do you need us but you don't want us? I wonder what each of them on this "Committee" would say.

Captain said...

This whole "committee" is nothing but a joke, just like any public hearings. The "clowns" do not listen and will only write up their report on what they personally want to see and hear.
None of this has any bearing on anything anyway. It is only a matter of show and any report will be filled with lies.

The Feds won't listen to it.The rest of the people don't seem to care, only a few of the ignorant that are only looking for the beer afterward for their reward for showing up.
It seems like it is getting less people anyway, even though there was never any real amount that showed up from the beginning.
Any written statement that is submitted will only be thrown out and not acknowledged..(unless it is against the status)

Even if this thing gets on the ballot it does not matter which way it goes as it will have no bearing with the Feds. (but I am curious to see what the vote would be)
If the people do vote for citizenship status this Govt will declare a bad vote, or something to that nature.
But the question that will appear on the ballot more than likley will be a "loaded" question which no matter how you vote on it, it will come out the same for a "non status" for the CW and "status quo".
I bet these two "volunteers" are working on this question at this moment, trying to figure out how to word it and confuse the voters. Watch and see.
Maybe before the election there will be something out from the Feds that can put this to rest once and for all.
On another "good" thing, this election is a Federal election and any underhanded deals (like the last one) will result in Fed charges and prosecution.
Hopefully one of these "clowns" will screw up and do something that will "bring somebody down" Then it will be a very Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Besides the usual suspects of Bozo the Clowns, I predict 5 people tops, all of whom are paid associates of the top Clown or their relatives.

Anonymous said...

Captain is right. It's useless to go there! When this gets in the ballots, surely it will create confusions to favor them, and so, cheating is easier.

Anonymous said...

im with captain! same opinion here!