Status Hearing Tonight On Foreign Worker Status

July 6, 2010 (July 7, 2010 Saipan time)

WHAT: Senate Hearing on status of foreign workers

WHEN: JULY 7, 2010 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Garapan Elementary School


Saipan uncovered said...

Chinese crime organizations are flourishing from umbrella protection. One prostitution ring has spread (centering from hdqrts office in the peach bldg behind DFS to the laundry bldg across from McD's) and they have ordered out non-members or their organization. They have now be ordered by their strongman to bring clients to their fake bar in the green bldg between Mobile & McDonalds 3rd floor to roll, steal, and blackmail tourists, locals, and sailors.

If guest workers want status, they should help sweeping up the trash and they have been the most silent group here.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 7:59

Are you serious? If so, listen up. The foreign contract workers are not law enforcement officials. If you know about a crime REPORT IT. How dare you state that the foreign workers should do the job of law enforcement personnel?

You talk about criminals blackmailing and then say, "If guest workers want status, they should help sweeping up the trash and they have been the most silent group here." Sounds a bit like blackmail or some sick condition. If they want status they should or they must....? What are you saying? - "Come on jump through this hoop, jump through that hoop. -A little higher. We want more and more and more if you want status?" Is that what you say?

The U.S. Congress will decide if the law abiding foreign workers who have worked and lived in the CNMI and have contributed greatly by advancing the island economically and in so many beneficial ways will have status.

Now go report the crime to your law enforcement agencies.

Anonymous said...

IF, this is such as stated. This and most of these type of operations are under the "protection" of many high ranking Govt officials.
The Gov.(and his ass. has been suspected to be involved with much of this type of operation in the past involving the Japanese and also the Chinese but nothing can be "pinned".
As in the past, If reported to the local cops those involved will be made aware and will only move to another location.
It should be reported to the Feds and possibly they have some law on the books that will allow them to take action.

But yes, what do the contract workers have to do with anything involving this type of operational clean up???
Just what can anybody do when this type of operation has/is "protected by higher ups" in the Govt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:59
There are many contract workers here that are willing to do that job you want them to do, but you must enlist them to be a legal law enforcer with all the benefits that are available to this type of job. Tell your gov't to start the recruitment and training!

Anonymous said...

Saipan Uncovered, what's there to say but how idiotic. You know how many times I've seen our politicians going into seedy establishments known for prostitution? Too many to count. Should they be policing too? How about the home robberies? Almost every burglar is local. Why haven't you been doing your job and catching them? What happened to your "we'll lose our culture" argument?