Another Complaint Against Deputy Commissioner Ogumoro

August 5, 2010

Complaints have been lodged against controversial DPS Deputy Commissioner  Ambrosio T. Ogumoro and Capt. Lawrence Camacho. A previous complaint was filed against Ogumoro last week by Sgt. James C. Deleon Guerrero.  Another DPS official, Kay Inos, the daughter of the Lt. Governor reportedly resigned because of Ogumoro's behavior.

DPS administrative officer Rose C. Dela Cruz alleges that Camacho threatened that she had to process a personnel document per Ogumoro's instructions or "the governor would go there and make her do her job."

From the Saipan Tribune:
The complaint arose from an incident on July 8, 2010, when Camacho, at the instruction of Ogumoro, asked Dela Cruz to process the extension of the provisional employment of one Connie Lynn Manglona Iglecias for another 90 days.

Her efforts to follow procedure by informing her supervisor, Kay Inos, allegedly irked Ogumoro, who instructed Camacho to tell her that “he is the deputy of DPS.”

Dela Cruz said she explained to Camacho that there is a chain of command where they have to go through a supervisor.

She said Camacho stated: “Yes, but the deputy said that if I don't process the document then he is going to have the governor come down here to my office and make me do my job.”

The incident caused Dela Cruz to have an anxiety attack. “After trying to find air and calm myself down, I started crying and felt like I was being choked and my heart started beating so fast,” she said.

Dela Cruz said she also saw Ogumoro pass by her office “and looked at me with a very angry face.”
Dela Cruz reported that she had to seek medical help for her stress.  The complaint was addressed to DPS Commissioner Santiago Tudela and the Office of Personnel Management requests an investigation and action.

In late July, Sgt. Deleon Guerrero filed a formal grievance to stop Ogumoro from harassing, intimidating and subjecting DPS employees to a hostile working environment. He said, "“Ultimately, this formal grievance is about restoring the integrity of the right of DPS employees against hostile and dangerous work environments, coercion, bullying and intimidation of DPS employees by Ogumoro."

Delon Guerrero also accused Ogumoro of outbursts, use of profanity, and inappropriate sexual remarks about the governor's wife during meetings.

After being terminated by DPS Commissioner Tudela in May, Ogumoro was reinstated by Governor Fitial in July.  It seems that there is some connection between Ogumoro and Fitial. What is the governor's motive in reinstating this bully? Ogumoro has been previously arrested and convicted, and several years ago he reportedly threatened to blow up the DPS station and kill Fitial.

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Anonymous said...

Ambrosio Ogomuro is untouchable. Whatever complaints against him, the governor will not listen. Look, Ogomuro is after the first lady but what action does the governor do, nothing. He must enjoy it.

james said...

tried to e-mail you at the contact address on your site to ask if you had seen the Washington Post article today on the Kevin Ring retrial but keep getting a bad address notice.

Wendy said...

So sorry -I have high spam blocker and haven't checked my email. Thank you so much for the tip! I will get the judge's ruling and post it.

Anonymous said...

This Ogomoro guy,still doing his "power trip". Everything about him has already been said.
This woman cop does not belong in police work if something like this can "stress her out" so bad that she needs medical treatment.(I smell a Fed lawsuit coming on this).
Police work, in and out of the office is stressing.
And where is Tudela in all of this. If he leaves he should "designate" someone (not Ogomoro) to take over temporarily while he is gone.

Anonymous said...

The deputy is automatically designated. It's part of the job description.

Anonymous said...

There is only one possibility for all of this. He has bula evidences against the gobetnu. Why else such a controversial reappointing after he threaten gov, threaten to burn station, get involved in brothers gun issues, dispute with Lt. Gov daughter, anger Tudela, and now lawsuit. Only because he has some strong evidences.

Anonymous said...

I think the gov and Ogumoro made a deal. "

Guv: "I'll watch your back, if you watch mine."

The gov wants no more leaks about his illegal activities like taking a prisoner from jail for a rub.