Concert for Violy

August 24, 2010

Press Release from United Workers Movement and FILCOWA:

Subject: Violeta Lapuz

Dear Sir/ Madame/ Friends/ at mga Kababayan,

Violy Lupuz, a former entertainer/singer and wife of her perennial partner, Walden Beri was diagnosed by CHC M.D. Dr. John Yarofalir with a “right breast mass” in 2009. (See attached Referral Letter)

She was referred by Dr. Yarofalir to go to the Philippines for treatment last year upon the diagnosis, but due to financial constraints she was not able to go. At that time the tumor size in her breast was 2 cm. A fundraising campaign was launched last year so Violy could follow the doctor’s advise, but it did not succeed due to lack of backing and support.

In spite of her sickness, we can see Violy exposing a sweet smile at us as she ignores her sickness as the days pass, quietly enduring the pain that she is suffering.

Now the critical stage has come, and we hope that it won’t be too late because the tumor that was found has grown to 5 cm, and reddish fluid is leaking from her breast.

She is in need of immediate medical attention as was the doctor’s advice since last year.  She is also in need of our tender help. By God’s grace Violy was finally able to go home to the Philippines on August 15, 2010 (see attached ticket) through the help of Mrs. Ofel Atalig who sponsored her by providing a one way ticket to the Philippines.

However, there is no money for her medication, and she needs an operation as soon as possible.

Our friends, we are appealing to your kind hearts for a financial help on behalf of Sister Violy Lapuz and her family. Many times she has been united to our common cause, and consequently we believe that in this crucial time, you will stand with her. Your help and support to our kababayan is our treasure, so please share your love.

Saturday, August 28, 2010 
5:00 to 9:00 PM
the family of Walden Beri, husband of Violy Lapuz, will be holding
at American Memorial Park Amphitheater
 Garapan, Saipan 

The main performer of this concert will be Walden Beri and his son Dhen. This is a live concert with some guest performers like Patz and Badjhe, Mary Anne Alovera, Past and Present Syndicate Band and other surprise guests.

You can contact us for your help and donations: 285-3306 (Rabby Syed), 285-9255 (Ronnie Doca), Walden at 286-6185, Cathlyn Beri -286-6368, Dhen 286-4171.

Thank you very much and we appreciate so much your help and support.


Anonymous said...

Let's get out and show support for this kind lady! Bring your friends!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for her and for her family.

This is when the saying "it is better to give than to receive" applies.

With this, I urge my kababayan to help. See you there.