Homeless in Saipan

August 23, 2010

The tragic story of the 7-member Saluta family that was camping out at Susupe Beach after being evicted from their apartment may sadly be just the first of many more similar stories yet to come.  As more businesses close and more applicants vie for the few remaining jobs, there could be a growing number of individuals and families who find themselves homeless in the CNMI.  This is certainly the trend in parts of the U.S. and in many places worldwide as the economy remains stalled across the globe.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
The family has survived through food stamps and through the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.

On Jan. 15, 2010, from a small house in Fina Sisu they moved to the Ebetuen Apartment in Chalan Kanoa after they received benefits from the housing aid program given by the Northern Marianas Protection and Advocacy Systems Inc. The housing benefits, however, expired on Aug. 15, 2010.

Mr. Saluta said as some of the apartment staff were pressuring them to leave after Aug. 15, they had no choice but to find temporary shelter at Susupe Beach Park.

He said two police officers went to the apartment and gave them three days to pack their belongings.

Mr. Saluta said his wife is afraid of the police so they decided to pack up yesterday.

The couple said they were actually planning to move to another house, but that the current occupant is still waiting for his child tax and cannot move out.

The couple said they heard that NMPASI gave other families housing benefits for 18 months so they were hoping that the agency could also provide them such terms.

Mr. Saluta said since they could not find jobs they were thinking of going back to the Philippines.

He said they, however, are considering the situation of their children if they will take them to the Philippines.
I don't blame the family for trying to hang on to see if jobs are offered to CNMI foreign workers for the military buildup on Guam, or if status is granted to long-term workers. The husband has worked in the NMI since 1997 and the wife since 1994. Obviously the CNMI is their home and they may be in a worse situation in the Philippines where the job prospects are even more scarce.

The family should contact NMPASI to clarify with what determines the length of benefits a client receives.   Maybe the family also qualifies for an extension. Additionally, the owner of Aqualite who owes Mr. Salute back wages needs to pay him those wages immediately.   Mr. Saluta may also want to go to the federal ombudsman office to ask about parole in place that is available for  some who were denied umbrella permits.

There are no homeless shelters in the CNMI except for Guma Esperansa which caters to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.  There is also a very small social services network in the CNMI to address the problems of the hungry and homeless. Karidat, the Salvation Army and the Northern Marianas Protection and Advocacy Systems Inc. (NMPASI) are among the few in existence. Filipinos also may qualify to receive assistance from the Philippine Consulate. Still once a needy person or family receives the maximum benefits for which they qualify, they are out of luck.

I have worked with Orlando agencies that serve the homeless for 14 years.  While monetary collections and donations of food help to fill the immediate needs of shelter, food and medical care, I know that ultimately the best assistance that a homeless person could receive is help in securing a permanent job.

Generous Hearts
Both the Saipan Tribune and Marianas Variety stated that caring community members and organizations were donating directly to the family.  The Variety reported that former NMC president Dr. Carmen Fernandez is assisting the family to locate organizations that will assist.  She also helped connect the family with the Sun Hotel which is providing three days of free accommodations. Reportedly, Ben Sablan of Ben Enterprises offered a house, Tony Rogolifoi of the Saipan Mayor's Office offered a house, and a representative of Tan Holding offered shelter at the Finasisu Airport Hotel.

Perhaps the most touching story was reported by the Saipan Tribune:
Segundo Castro, a veteran who is now based in California, called Saipan Tribune yesterday morning and offered his house in Kagman for free.

Castro, a local resident, said he was deployed to Olongapo in the Philippines for six months in 1990 where he was treated well.

“They were very nice to me and I want to give back to them,” Castro said.
What a beautiful sentiment!

The generosity of the community is truly heart warming. Still what will happen if there are ten homeless families, or 20, or 30, or more? How will their needs be met?  I hope that the community is considering this and making plans to meet future needs as the economic outlook remains bleak.

None of the newspapers articles or emails that I received said where to send money for the family. Setting up a legitimate trust fund for the family would provide a secure way of collecting money and would eliminate any worries about where the money will end up.

I hope tomorrow the papers report that someone offered the parents jobs. Now that would be a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the children and the parents. It's hard to leave when you know you have money to collect and when you are in a hopeless situation that would be more hopeless in the Philippines. They are the products of a failed economy and broken system.

Anonymous said...

I pity the family,it's breaking my heart. On the other hand, I'm wondering why the parents did not think about family planning. They should have been more responsible parents. However, I do understand why they opted not to go back to the Philippines, they should get paid what they are owed.

I whole heartedly thank the locals, all helpful people from different nationalities(may your tribe be blessed) that are helping. Thanks God that I am in no way experiencing what they are experiencing right now. They are real Christians. Luckily for us that we are not on the same predicament. For those people who are commenting so harsh, be thankful for what you have, start counting your blessing.

I want to personally thank Mr. Segundo Castro,Dr. Carment FernandeZ, The Kim Family of Sun Hotel, Ben Sablan, Tony Rogolifoi, and all the anonymous people.

Anonymous said...

The Feds will certainly send them back to the PI, kids too. There are no jobs in the CNMI, Guam or the US.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 11:35

What are you basing that statement on? The couple is legally in the CNMI. The feds don't send people "back to the PI, kids too" without a reason. Unless they have violated a law or their permits expire they can stay. The "kids" are US citizens and can't be sent back. They are already home.

No one should be "sent back" when they are owed money. I hope the governments of the Philippines, China, Bangladesh, Nepal and other places where there are hundreds and even thousands of former foreign CNMi workers who were ripped off by criminal employers demand settlement money on their citizens behalf from the US who allowed the persistent cheating of foreign workers.

There are no jobs in the US? There are still jobs in the US although some places have a higher unemployment rate than others. There are lots of jobs in Orlando including teaching jobs, jobs related to the tourist industry and medical jobs.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Ths is their home..what they need and what all of us here need is JOB, JOB, JOB! enough of the greed and selfish interest!

Anonymous said...

What do you want us to do? You expect me to feel sorry for these people?
All we are doing is rewarding bad behavior. Five kids in seven year? The woman has not worked since 2003. Do the math. The guy has not worked for the past two kids.
Oh, but I guess that's OK. According to you Wendy, we should be getting ready for more of them. Help. Help. Help. I do like that some people helped these folks, but your story was laced with a few to many goverment agencies that should get involved. And are you sure he has a wage dispute? What if he does not? Go to the PI and you see this all the time.
We need more personal responsibilty, not relying on the Government from Cradle to Grave. That is for losers. Actually, I rather like the last thing he said. "Help me or don't help me" (basically). Well, he is probably the only one here that GETS IT!!
You people make me sick!!

Captain said...

How this will be handled concerning these people will set a "precedence". It has to be handled with "exactness".
One has an Umbrella permit, one does not. So assuming one is illegal.
Now that these people are in the headlines, there will probably be some action forthcoming. (hard to say if it will be good or just)
These two adults are really inconsiderate in not availing themselves of free "birth control" or other means of family planning.
For them to be only living off of the children's food stamps and delivering babies under the medicaid is wrong.(this is all Fed funds, NOT NMI)
When ever I am in the Phil. I see this style of uncaring in having babies from the poor all over the Phil.as I travel through Bario's (free "family planning is available in the Baranguy in the Phil.)(in spite of the Catholic church)

The unfortunate fact is that these two have no "skilled" trade and are not employable under a visa to work in Guam.(where they are hiring)
Depending on what happens on any status for the CW in the NMI, they may also be unemployable in the NMI after 2011 like many others.
How many more are there, in this position, at this present time and how many more will there be later on.
What happens when/if this guy is paid??
Will he be eligible for employment?
Where is the job, until now he has nothing. (and she)

On another area, how many "local" families are in this same situation without a job? (you don't hear about them as they are mostly being helped by family and friends.
It looks like there may be even more Govt. workers that will be in similar situation,((MAYBE 1K) the ones that have houses will probably end up without power and water.The ones that have recently purchased Cars will end up with them being repossessed also.
This all will get much worse, and as many predict, will not get any better until this Fitial and his group are out of power.
You will now have more "locals' competing for low paying jobs just to try to put food on the table. (food stamps don't provide much)
So what is going to happen to all of the US children that will be displaced??
It is time to get this answered now.
I wonder if these kids even have a passport.(because of cost!)
If the Phil. counsel repatriates this couple (and others)they will issue the kids Phil. passports but not US ones.
If this is the case these kids will never be able to reap any benefits later on in life, once back in the Phil.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention Mr. Ed Mendiola's name earlier.
Thank you very much sir. Being happy with somebody else's misery is so inhuman, vicious attitude.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 1:33

No, I do "not except you to feel sorry for these people." Only loving, nonjudgmental and empathetic people would be capable of doing that.

Yes, the community should prepare for more families and individuals -residents and nonresidents - who will be unable to pay their bills, buy food and left homeless due to the dire state of the CNMI economy an the government's proposals that will increase the suffering.

Does the CNMI government help people? I was unaware of any social program that the local government has in place for this situation. The US pours millions into the CNMI for food stamps, medicaid, etc. that only benefits US citizens. DOI also gives grants to charitable organizations and nonprofits like Karidat to assist both residents and nonresidents.

Yes, he is owed wages. You live there? Maybe you could talk to the cheating employers and ask him to pay his former employee? Maybe the loss of income was the problem that set them back?

It is not anyone's place to tell a family that they should have child planning AFTER the children are born. People have different beliefs systems; some based on their religions. Are we to judge and attack people for things that cannot be undone? How does that help?

I have worked with many homeless people. None of them want to ask for help. They are ashamed, depressed, worried and fearful. Those with children are in more extreme situations. I am sure these parents would trade a job for anything else.

Wendy said...


Thank for the wise comment and questions. When I met with Governor Fitial in December 2007 I asked him some of these same questions. There is no orphanage in the CNMI and no plan to take care of hundreds of US children if the parents are forced to leave. In some instances, the children could not be brought with the parents to their homeland. The Chinese have strict laws about the number of children per couple and fines that could not be paid.

I agree that there will be more people -local and alien- without electricity and essentials in the CNMI. Already hundreds cannot afford electricity. I see the effects of the terrible economy here too as the middle class is dying and the divide grows. It is very sad.

Anonymous said...

To Anon August 24, 2010 1:33 PM

Why did you said that? is it because most of you here (I assumed you're not alien) are already enjoying welfare provided by the US because you don't want to work and still until now making baby? come on! many of you receiving welfare since since I came here 20+ years ago and still many of you born everyday!

Anonymous said...

90% (from Variety) of this island receiving welfare and yet still making babies; why single-out this couple? Come on racist, how come you always have no reasons?

Anonymous said...

Wendy and Wendy's teammates, trotting out this couple as a cause celebre is really not helping your cause. I almost think that this couple might be a media creation, to try to discredit the pro-improved-status movement. Undocumented immigrants popping out kids to collect more welfare checks? Sounds like a Reaganite urban legend, but in this case it seems to be absolutely true. The pro-improved-status movement needs this couple just about as much as the pro-gay-marriage movement needs the Leather Parade. We can argue all day about the abstract morality of this (breeding is a form of religious expression?), but, just like the Leather Parade, this isn't going to sit well with the average voter.

Anonymous said...

His wife has been unemployed since 2003. He since 2007. They've had multiple children since then. Now of course they're not exploiting the welfare system! He is owed some money by Saipan ICE company, how much we don't know. Could be twenty five dollars could be less.

They are irresponsible childish parents who need to grow up. They do the same thing in the Philippines: Have as many kids as possible. I only wish my family had those options, but we cannot afford it. The kids are US Citizens and should be put into the US foster care program. If the parents are hell bent on getting Federal help join the hundreds of thousands of other foster care kids in the US.

If any special treatment or any extra Federal Taxpayer money is spent on them, this should make US headlines.

These parents have no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Captain said...

I wonder if these kids even have a passport.(because of cost!)

If the Phil. [consul] repatriates this couple (and others)they will issue the kids Phil. passports but not US ones.

If this is the case these kids will never be able to reap any benefits later on in life, once back in the Phil.

Fortunately the conclusion of your post is incorrect. Once an American, always an American. (We fought a war over this in 1812 concerning naturalized Englishmen.) For people born in the U.S., including in the CNMI, even if they live in the RP for fifteen years, they can still go to the U.S. embassy and get a U.S. passport based on their CNMI birth certificate.

It will not hurt the children to live a couple of decades in a wonderful country like the Philippines, or in the second largest economy in the world (China). However, if some parents are so fearful that they decide to leave their children behind for the free education and nutrition benefits, there are plenty of caring people who will look after them.

We don't need an orphanage, because the CNMI is a caring society.

"Be not afraid!"

Anonymous said...

8:52 only difference is locals have a support system and aliens do not. That's why they think it okay to have kids if they have no job but criticize aliens.

Anonymous said...

There is no "US foster care program." It is run on a state-by-state basis and what the CNMI has with the DCCA DYS is quite rudimentary. Fortunately, however, there are many people willing to take up the slack.

Traditional and informal adoptions are common in the CNMI, which greatly values children.

It is unfortunate that there are so many patronizing contraceptors and pro-aborts among the haole community of blog commenters. Poor people have every right to procreate, and often have a better attitude toward bringing up their kids with a broad and generous perspective on life than the rich with their "planned" designer children with status-enhancing scheduled activities.

Fortunately, immigrants tend to value life more than native-born mainland Americans. They have offset the 50 million plus abortions since January 22, 1973. Otherwise, our economy and Social Security would be collapsing like Japan and other European countries with an imbalance of elderly retirees and not enough workers -- Eurpoe is also growing more reliant on immigrant labor. These immigrants and their children are the people who will save our society, planned or "unplanned."

Wendy said...

Anonymous 9:58

Did you ever watch Rick's List on CNN? Every day he places asinine commenters, political flops and propagandists on the "List You Don't Want to Be On." Maybe I should start such a list, beginning with you,

You said, "Wendy and Wendy's teammates, trotting out this couple as a cause celebre is really not helping your cause. First off, I have no "team mates." secondly, no one is "trotting out this couple as a "cause celebre." (Oh my, your phrases expose your identity!) The papers covered the story of an unfortunate situation of a family. A situation that will certainly be repeated in the future as the economy falls even more from dangerous and selfish decisions made by CNMI elected officials. It is not a story told to help any cause.

You said, "I almost think that this couple might be a media creation, to try to discredit the pro-improved-status movement."
Really, you think a couple decided to go along with the media to discredit a movement? How utterly delusional!

You said, "Undocumented immigrants popping out kids to collect more welfare checks? Sounds like a Reaganite urban legend, but in this case it seems to be absolutely true."
These people are not "undocumented." It truly is not your business how many children this couple or anyone else has. And you believe that people have kids to collect welfare? Get real.

You said, "The pro-improved-status movement needs this couple just about as much as the pro-gay-marriage movement needs the Leather Parade."
What a totally inappropriate statement.

You said,"We can argue all day about the abstract morality of this (breeding is a form of religious expression?)"
Are you suggesting that these people are animals by your choice of words? "Breeding?" Really?

You said, "...but, just like the Leather Parade, this isn't going to sit well with the average voter."
Forgive me, were these people running for office? Oh, sorry, I forgot -they are disenfranchised and can't vote or be part of the political process in the CNMI. So you are not just racist, but also homophobic? Or what is the connection? I don't get it.

Your comment is pompous, arrogant and revolting. I wish for you instant karma. May you also know the suffering of the people you look down on so you may develop empathy and a heart.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 5:47

You have some good points.

Anonymous said...

At this moment, I'm still buffled & surprised how much comments there are in the Variety regarding this matter. I did not see the same response when the "news" about the rape cases, unsolved murder cases, pocketed money in CUC, Principal in corruption, corruption in Revenue & Tax, The Gun News, that were in the newspaper.

Those news should have received more responses, but did not. Is it because this news is about the alien?. Does this news weighs more than the news about local committing crimes?

This couple, have their fault, no doubt, but they are not criminals. Their sins are lighter compared to those corrupt government employees who cheated the public, rapists who stole the future of the victims and disrespected the victims's rights to a peaceful existence. But the way they are being publicly persecuted is far way more than a criminal.

To sum it up, this is just a proof of discrimination.

TAGLISH said...

Anon 1:33

OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!! Go to Pau pau beach, you will see a homeless family staying in one of the pavillions there for years. Go to San Vicente, there are two families staying in an abandon barracks, no electricity and no water. Go to Papago. I can tell you more, they need help, not your nonsense blah-blah!!! Oh, wait! How about those people you see when you go to KFC, Dolphin Store etc. who are asking for monies. They are locals, CWs, they are human beings that we should care for !!Be thankful that you're not in their shoes.

Anonymous said...

Why is it bad if US children with alien parents get food stamps but if locals get food stamps it's ok? Why is it bad if aliens have lots of kids but if locals do its ok?

Anonymous said...

anon above,

the answer to your question is so simple, WE ARE ALIENS. sad but true.
my husband told me this line, "who told you that life is fair". whenever i feel dissappointed, feeling discriminated, i always think about that line.

Anonymous said...

While it may seem superficially unfair, it is not.

The Republic of the Philippines or the People's Republic of China would not provide welfare benefits to indigent Americans who lived there unemployed for years and raised a family on the public dole.

Countries are organized such that their taxpayers subsidize the poor citizens of the nation to the extent possible. But trying to feed the world is counter-productive. Better to help them feed themselves in their own lands.

However, free tickets home (including for the children) is the least the USA should do.

Anonymous said...

Argh, let me say a few things.

1) If they go back to the Philippines, it doesn't matter if they get US passports for the kids before they go since they can visit the embassy at any time to get a passport. Their birth certificate is proof of citizenship, not their passport. At any time the kids can come back to the US.

2) From my understanding the wife has an umbrella permit and the husband doesn't. This means the husband is collecting time right now on a ban on entry to the US. Qualifying for a green card will be difficult at best and if he leaves the CNMI, he will not be able to enter the US for 2 to 10 years depending on how much longer he is illegal. Furthermore, he is subject to deportation at any time.

3) WIC is supposed to be used for the children under 5, not for the parents and older children. This sounds like a WIC program violation.

4) Food Stamps are supposed to be used for the nutritional benefit of US citizens, not alien parents. When an alien parent receives them, they are receiving them for their US citizen children and for providing food for them. Again, another violation.

I think this needs to be played down by local status groups because face it, it doesn't play well for many American to hear that illegal aliens are living off the federal benefits for their US citizen children...

Anonymous said...

12:27,You are correct,at present, in the Phil. there are three American individuals (at different locations)that I am aware because of an internet site for expats.
All of them need money for a plane ticket home to various places in the US.
All have lived years in the Phil.for years. Two legally are married but have problems with their wives and the wives families.
Both are almost identical situations, they lost their houses and other assets as the wife has taken over everything, with the help of the families and have put these guys on the street.
Lucky the three know some other Americans and are getting a little help as far as food.
The US Embassy will not give these guys any monetary help. The US Embassy will only contact any family in the US and act as a go-between for any money to be sent to them.
Two have no families, the other has no family that have the funds to "repatriate him.".
The third one is also "helpless" and in a wheel chair, after living in the Phil. for more than 18 years.
There are more foreigners living in Rizal Park, homeless. They have nothing and beg for food.
It seems the Phil. Immigration do not want to get involved as they have no money and they would have to "deport them" for "visa violations" which is costly and takes time. the Phil. Govt would have to lock them up and feed and take care of them until the deportation outcome which can take up to six months.
Some years ago 20/20 did stories on some of these foreigners plights in the Philippines.A couple were brought back to the US by 20/20.
So you see that if you are stuck in other countries, there is no help from any Govt. even your own.The US is the only one that helps Immigrants, legal and otherwise.
But I don't see the US paying for this families ticket home to the Phil. (unless it is a deportation order)

The Saipan Blogger said...

All homophobes are latent homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

Marianas Variety comments are showing their true color, if nothing happen with us here soon, let's go home we can survive because we know how, i don't know them... they can survive by welfare... but without dignity? they don't have that. period.

Anonymous said...

The truth eventually comes out.

The husband was charged with assault a while back. They are both out of 'status' and will most likely be deported.

Their gamble on having as many US Citizen babies as possible will not pay off.

If the CNMI were exempt from birth right citizenship, you wouldn't see nearly as many babies born.

Anonymous said...


The truth is a family with 5 innocent children is homeless and needs help. Don't want to help then don't.




time to leave said...

The Marianas Variety comments under every article about this family show most people in CNMI are haters or the people reading the MV are. http://www.mvariety.com/2010082429585/local-news/i-am-not-exploiting-my-children.php?Itemid=0 One point the people in CNMI don't pay for the foodstamps or WIC. Its the the American taxpayers do.

Every OCW should read all the comments and ask, "Why stay in a place where people hate us?" We all need to stop waiting to see what US will give us and leave with any self-respect we have.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 12:40

The husband was indeed charged with assault in January 2010. From the Marinas Variety:"It filed a complaint of one count of assault, one count of assault with a dangerous weapon, and disturbing the peace against Saluta. On April 19, 2009, the AGO stated, Saluta assaulted Alejandro Orellano with a knife."

There is no newspaper article stating whether he was convicted or not. If he was convicted, I am assuming he would have been deported, but I am unsure of how this system works. That is a very serious and violent offense.

The parents are out of status according to DOL, which no longer has immigration power. No federal official has stated whether the couple is out of status under U.S. law so it would be premature to comment on that.

I do think it is unwarranted to accuse people of having children to "collect food stamps" or to gain citizenship. There is no evidence to such allegations and is a very common comment used by anti-immigrant racists, even those who live in the mainland.

What would locals say if the state-siders chided Chamorros and Carolinians for collecting food stamps or having "too many children?" Are they too considered "freeloaders"? Are they "exploiting" their children? Are they "irresponsible", "stealing from taxpayers?" Or are those remarks only for the alien parents of US children?

The couple appears to be legally collecting welfare benefits on behalf of their US citizen children. People who have a problem with it, may want to bring it up with Congress instead of attacking innocent children. Thank goodness they are too young to be able to read the newspaper. Does anyone think these children asked to be in this horrible position? Their safety and well-being is what is important. Not attacking parents for things that can't be undone like giving birth.

If the couple has stayed in the CNMI for a long time after they lost jobs either they had labor cases they were pursuing or DOL was negligent. They lost their jobs before the federal takeover, so if they were "deportable" why didn't DOL deport them years ago?

Concerning the cost of food stamps, WIC, and Medicaid -are these programs paid for by CNMI residents or by U.S. citizen-taxpayers from the mainland? What CNMI taxes contribute to these federal programs? I am not certain, but I think the majority of the money for these federal programs comes from people like myself -U.S. mainland taxpayers - who don't have the tax breaks that those individuals who live in the CNMI have.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 4:16

Yes, some of the comments in the Marianas Variety are very hateful. I know that many people from the states, including officials from Washington, DC, read the CNMI papers daily. Since the MV has allowed comments and since I also receive daily hateful, threatening and scary comments (deleted and not published) on this site, I certainly have developed a much different view of the CNMI than I had even a few years ago.

I do not blame you if you want to leave the CNMI to find a job in another place or return to your homeland. Just remember hate is not confined to the CNMI. The U.S. has become a breeding ground of haters with the Tea Party, hate radio, militia and hate groups, anti-immigrants racists, those intolerant of religions, and on and on. I would like to leave the US, and we are exploring opportunities in other countries also. I wish you much luck.

Anonymous said...

Wendy said...

Concerning the cost of food stamps, WIC, and Medicaid -are these programs paid for by CNMI residents or by U.S. citizen-taxpayers from the mainland? What CNMI taxes contribute to these federal programs?

The Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP), Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program, and Medicaid are all funded by federal taxes.

However, CHC is required by federal law to accept all comers, resulting in indigent care far in excess of the Medicaid reimbursement, which is at a lower percentage in the territories than for a state (because of Puerto Rico) -- something like 50% vice 77%. Even the 50% is on a capped block-grant style basis, so the CNMI taxpayers are contributing a significant amount for aliens' medical costs. This has been the case for years, encouraged by garment manufacturers as a hidden subsidy, and is a major cause of the CNMI's accumulated deficit.

Wendy said...

Yes, some of the comments in the Marianas Variety are very hateful. . . . Since the MV has allowed comments and since I also receive daily hateful, threatening and scary comments (deleted and not published) on this site, I certainly have developed a much different view of the CNMI than I did a few years ago.

I do not blame you if you want to leave the CNMI and find a job in another place or return to your homeland. Just remember hate is not confined to the CNMI.

Perhaps now you have a better insight into why I decline to sign my name to my comments. Their merit or lack thereof should stand on their own, and I really do not need the hassle of all the misinformed people out there who jump to conclusions, rely on the inaccurate CNMI media as information sources, and are wildly impulsive and potentially prone to violence.

Most of the people of the CNMI are wonderfully warm and generous, but on a small island it can be difficult to get away from the crazies. So unsurprisingly, many of the best and brightest do leave.

Those who manage to endure and keep on helping others in the CNMI deserve our prayers and support.

Ironically, one of the biggest causes of problems in the CNMI is lack of jobs, caused by the increases in minimum wages.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The loss in jobs has nothing to do with unreliable power delivery?

Wendy said...

Anonymous 8:55

Thanks for the information on the federal programs. What taxes do individual CNMI citizens pay? Are the taxes from the CNMI business owners?

I agree with this statement, "Those who manage to endure and keep on helping others in the CNMI deserve our prayers and support." That goes for anyone who helps others anywhere.

I do not think minimum wage increases are the reason for joblessness. That problem existed before the increases, and I bet the decline of tourism and crash of the world-wide economy has a lot to do with job loss.

About being anonymous. It takes a lot of courage and guts to state honest opinions and sign your name. I really admire the "teacher" who has the balls to always identify himself. I don't always agree with him, but I admire him very much and consider him a dear friend.

On the other hand, I do understand your reasons for not signing your name. In fact, I am considering closing down this site. I am weighing the benefits of getting information out versus the extreme personal hassles and attacks.

Anonymous said...

To all CW, "The hate" is not as it may seem and not directed towards the "honest" CW. What is getting many upset is that when on certain instances certain people project a picture of "futility and innocence" and use their children in the "front" to receive help and compassion from many in the community. (which includes all nationalities)
This couple put up a "front" and then it is found out that the lady filed an Fed. complaint on a case that had been resolved many years prior to her filing. In essence she filed so she could get an "umbrella permit".
This couple is having numerous children that they cannot afford while unemployed (for questionable reasons)
This guy was involved in an "illegal employment scam" and then filed a labor complaint against the employer who tried to help him out (although illegally).
This guy also was charged for a violent crime. (while unemployed)
This guy also lied about being involved in a class action suit to try and obtain an "Umbrella Permit".
The questionable hospital charges are another area.
Yes DOL dropped the ball on this one years ago and have no jurisdiction now.
DOL can only feed info to the Feds on this case.
The point being is that many are offended for having compassion on this family only to find out things that were projected are not as it was presented and many people were made a fool of and taken advantage of..
Now the spotlight is on all. How many more are out there running the same "scam"?
How many out there are "honestly" working and trying to survive.
What I do not understand is that many that I know are in problems, financially. many are in the same type of situation but have banded together and live together to help one another.
Why does this couple not have any "friends" as they have relatives here?
Do not take anything personal if you are not in the wrong.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Another option is to just turn off the comments. Nothing says people have to leave comments on your blog. Or don't allow anonymous comments. I don't.

Wendy said...

Hate has many names: injustice, racism, prejudice, dishonesty, disenfranchisement, intolerance, oppression, propaganda, persecution, falsehoods, discrimination, false imprisonment, theft of wages, bigotry, stereotyping, greed, cruelty, maltreatment, jealousy... 

Yes, unfortunately hate has at times been directed towards all the CWs -even the "honest" CWs. Is the persistent denial of political and social rights a loving act? How about the language of some laws written to perpetuate the denial of human, civil and/or constitutional rights? Are those not directed at all aliens? Aliens should not take actions intended to keep them oppressed personally?

Wendy said...

The above comment was directed at Anonymous 12:21

Anonymous said...

Convert the blog to a Facebook Account. Then you will only get comments from people with identities.

Anonymous said...

As far as the Anomyous isssue. I don't think it really a matter of "courage" to put your name to it. It could be foolish. Now, if Wendy turns off this blog to Anomyous, then I would probably not respond anymore.
Not to give out to much info, but I am a well known person on Saipan. I have a family, and good job with a company that does it's leadership to "muddy the waters". They have not stated that to me, but common sense says so. Why would I risk all of that, repercussions to my family, my job, my customers, just so they could see how I feel? Also, I am nice about some things and not nice about others.
That said, I don't really agree with the concept of "social justice" from a government point of view. Leave it to the churches.
And, Wendy, God bless you (and I mean it). Although I don't agree with a lot of what you say, I know you believe it and that does make you a special person in this world. Whatever my personal feelings, you are committed and that is the attitude we need more people to have whatever their view.
I will admit if you close up shop I will miss the site, but that is your choice. Actually, I like your stuff more than the other popular well know site (probably because I live on Saipan) I, for one, don't want to encourage or discourage because I know how much work it is.
Signed...um...I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Pls don't close down this site ma'am Wendy. i'll go nuts here in Saipan if i don't get to read anything with sense, lol.

Anyway, thank you very much for what you are doing for us contract workers here, we really appreciate it much. And even if we don't get any good status at all, we will not forget what a good person you are and your family.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with 1:12, many of us also have access to info behind the scenes and if out names were known to certain people that access would be cut.
Also many others, or their families work for the Govt. and that would be devastating for them in retaliation from Govt. officials.
I have had certain companies that I do certain work for, that also do work for the NMI Govt. threatened by high ranking Govt. officials because of some things in the past that I attempted to bring to the Feds.
The companies were told to "reign me in or else"

BTW what does "homophobes" have to do with anything in these comments, Angelo? (Saipan Blogger)

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Wendy Doromal on almost every issue but I do respect her. She is dedicated to a noble cause and works hard at it. Wendy has made it her mission in life to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. I am a conservative Republican but I must give Wendy her dues. Good job and God bless.

Anonymous said...

12:52, JFYI,Anything on Facebook goes all over the net and forever will keep people names around for ever.I only registered partialy, then removed the info and still get on occasion invitations from facebook and many other sites. Any comment you make to the news sites etc.are kept on the internet. Go Google a friends (or pen name) name in and see what you get, Scary.
Any telephone listing you have ever had all of your life and location and adress is also listed etc.You can track peoples movements and actions from all over the world.Be careful what you guys put on the internet using your name.

the teacher said...

I disagree with the comment above that the popularity of this story is racist because there is less interest in terrible crime stories. Crimes aren't a public or social policy or decision to make that will affect the future of the residents here forever.

The plight of this family has far reaching precedent as to how the federal government will handle illegals and that will have great impact on the future of the NMI.

I have sympathy for children with impoverished lives but I have none for irresponsible parents. There are no jobs here. The umbrella permit temporarily protected every illegal operator on the island and that will expire in 2011. Many more businesses will close because they don't meet US investor requirements, and we they leave (and they are already packing and leaving), there will be another steep drop in the job market...and I do mean steep.

The bottom line is this, unemployed workers go home, or there will be tent towns of beggars lined up on Beach Rd. That may sound cold, but I believe it to be factual. I suspect this is why a MHS student survey was so strongly against improved status, even among US citizen kids with CGWer parents.

I think the only fair thing to all is for CGWs who are vital to the CNMI and/or their employers should have their status improved with a path to citizenship and those unemployed, self employed, and all other must move elsewhere because there will be a decreasing number of jobs here for the near foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

I've found with the Internet, it's just better not to read things that upset me. You always have the power to click the "x."

I have to throw my 2 cents in with regard to the unemployment situation in the states. It really is no better than here. My mother is white and has many many years of experience in book keeping, accounting, administrative duties, office management, etc. She has been unemployed for almost two years in a fairly healthy city. She claims it is because people think she's too old. People use every excuse in the book right now to justify why they don't have a job. They're brown, they're black, they're yellow, they're old, they're young...The truth is the economy is in the toilet. You don't have a job because there are none. I'm not sure who's going to fix this mess for us. Unfortunately we also cannot afford to support the world anymore. The family should go back and get the support they need from friends & family in the PI. We have enough US citizens broke and homeless to feed.

The Saipan Blogger said...

It started with the leather parade comment

Anonymous said...

Methinks thou doth protest too much.