AG to Honor Open Government Act?

September 6, 2010

So glad to hear AG Buckingham has stated he will honor the Open Government Act requests that he receives. Since he did NOT honor the ones I sent, I guess I can resend mine and expect that they will now be honored? So much talk, so little integrity and action.

My guess is that he will decide the OGA request/s were not worded correctly, were too broad, too particular, too something. Who knows though since people from Saipan to Washington, DC are watching, maybe he will actually follow the law.  Wouldn't that be novel?

The Committee to Elect Gregorio Sablan filed an OGA request, which the Marianas Variety reports asks for:
... the names of all CNMI government employees who were invited, and attended, the Aug. 28, 2010 “meet and greet” gathering for the ruling Covenant Party’s candidate for U.S. delegate Joseph James Norita Camacho that was hosted by Buckingham and the AGO at the governor’s residence.

The committee wants to see all e-mails, phone logs, and other communications or records of communications that occurred, using government resources, to arrange any event in support of Camacho.

The committee also asked for all records of government funds used in support of these events, including paid staff time and the costs of providing security, utilities, furnishings, or equipment at the governor’s mansion or other premises.
It' s a good start, but there were many more cabinet members, Fitial appointees and CNMI officials who were sponsoring or are sponsoring Camacho campaign activities. Why not ask about those events also and the ones that were organized by the Indigenous and Carolinian Affairs Offices?


Anonymous said...

Unless the Feds go in and seize the computers, there will be no way of knowing (for real) exactly what was and what was not done. Whatever is given out from the OAG I doubt will be complete.
Who will prove otherwise. They will not give any incriminating info.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bucky had his secretary send out the e-mail invitation for the "Joe Camacho For Congress" shredding party/fundraiser at midnight tonight?

Anonymous said...

There will likely be few or no responsive documents.

Under the OGA, there is no duty to create documents to satisfy inquiries.

Who was the OGA request made to? The AG? Governor? Each department head?

There is no requirement to provide documents in the possession of a different agency. How would they know what other offices have?