Can It Get Any Worse?

September 9, 2010

The controversial Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, visited the CNMI to back the Republican candidate for U.S. Delegate, Juan Babauta.

I wonder how many Republican candidates in the U.S. would want him to back them? Probably, only with RNC cash. The man is the subject of jokes and jeers from many, including those within the Republican Party.  He is known for his outrageous and off-base comments like those on the war in Afghanistan and also for questionable acts.  Republicans wanted him to step down after the bondage-themed strip club scandal and the over-the-top spending of RNC funds.

The Committee to re-elect Congressman Sablan took offense with Steele's remarks that the CNMI didn't need more stimulus money. The committee correctly pointed out that Steele knew little about the CNMI's economy or that the stimulus funds that were awarded to the CNMI have been vital for the programs that received the money.  Imagine how many more millions of dollars the CNMI's budget shortfall would be without the millions that Congressman Sablan has secured for the CNMI.

The Washington Post pointed out that it was the territories that sealed Steele's victory as RNC Chairman, and that he may be trotting around the globe to visit all of the U.S. territories to seal his own re-election rather than to ensure victory for Republican candidates.

Let's see if Buckingham replies to the Open Government Act from the Committee to re-elect Kilili  forthrightly and honestly.  It's doubtful.

It's also doubtful that the Office of the Public Auditor will conduct a serious investigation into improprieties of the Office of the Attorney General and the AG.  The Saipan Tribune reported:
OPA is now investigating the substance of the complaints lodged against Buckingham and the OAG for hosting a campaign gathering for delegate candidate Joseph N. Camacho of the ruling Covenant Party on Aug. 28 at Gov. Benigno R. Fitial's private residence in Gualo Rai.

OPA also offered to provide legal counsel to the Election Commission “to remove any further appearance of impartiality in the upcoming election.”

Guerrero said the commission continues to have assistant attorney general Meaghan Hassel-Shearer as counsel.

The governor appointed Hassel-Shearer to direct the OAG's activities related to the November election, with the full authority of the attorney general, after Buckingham recused himself from all involvement and oversight of the November 2010 election.
Unless the public demands answers and refuses to let the Fitial Administration sweep election-gate under the rug, it will be chalked up as one more scandal-crime that government employees walk away from.  Just as they have done in massage-gate, gun-gate, furlough-gate, parole-gate, spending-gate and lobbying-gate.  So much scandal, so little accountability.

The CNMI is facing payless paydays again.  What does anyone expect? As long as leaders are spending millions of government funds to sue the federal government, wasting money on lobbying contracts, and creating unneeded government positions in exchange for votes how can anyone expect to have money for essential services and payroll? The government is blatantly corrupt.  Until some of the leader-thugs are handcuffed and wearing orange jumpsuits, the corruption will continue.

CNMI resident, Ed Probst analyzes the situation in a letter to the editor.  His last sentence sums it up - "put people first."


Anonymous said...

not to be mean but for years so many CWs went with payless paydays because employers cheated them. some of us never even got paid in the end. i know some gvt workers had CWs they didn't pay. maybe they will know what it is like to suffer and have boss tell you next week, next month, next year.

Anonymous said...

Behind every payless payday is person who is not intelligent enough to balance a budget or is not ethical enough to prioritize and honor debts.

Anonymous said...

What CNMI gov't is proud of, more specifically its leaders? payless friday? bankrupt gov't? dependent on Federal Fundings? I don't know what the leaders are going. In a small place like CNMN, there's no need for so many people in Gov't. It's best that they reduce the number of Congressmen and Senators to save funds. Anyway they have done nothing, but just their personal interests. CNMI is the really the poorest of all the US territies, and may in the whole world now.

Anonymous said...

agree CNMI is the poorest in the whole world, but the most show-off and swank on earth

Anonymous said...

Right. CNMI has no other main source of income or fundings now but from Federal grants. Funny is they are suing the Federal using part of that Federal fundings. What a shame or mismanagement of funds. They must have use those funds for the betterment of the CNMI or for its intended use. Now the constituents are suffering for its wrong decisions or doings. It's best that they should support the Feds or work hand in hand, and they should start now. The soonest that better. After all, its the Feds decision that will be followed, as CNMI is part of the US.