CNMI Abuses

October 26, 2010

It's still Bullying Prevention Month. It seems that some did not get the memo.

DPS Commissioner Santiago Tudela admitted that a Saipan police officer attacked a Chinese alien worker who was mistaken for an "ice" dealer.

We all know that police officers should be enforcing the laws, not breaking them.

From yesterday's  Marianas Variety article, I get the impression that the DPS will try to justify the attack by claiming that the victim was "struggling."

KSPN2 news covered the story with a graphic report showing the pool of blood that the victim after his head was smashed with the officer's gun.  They reported:
A Chinese national says he was wrongfully arrested and beaten by a police officer. Wang Jin Dong says on October 18th at around 9:30 pm, he was at his apartment when two police officers, one male and one female, shined a flashlight at him and yelled for him to get down on the ground. Dong says the male officer hit him on the head with the butt of his hand gun and then kicked and handcuffed him. He says the officer searched his wallet for his identification. Then he was shown a picture of a suspect, a wanted ice dealer by the name of Junding Qui, whom police now have in custody. Dong says a while later he was uncuffed, and was brought to the hospital in an ambulance. We’re told DPS, the AG's office, and the FBI have been asked to step in and investigate. Police have not released the names of the police officers involved.
Today the Marianas Variety reports that a DPS detective, Detective Jesse Dubrall resigned Friday just five days after the October 18th assault. On Monday he reported to work at the Office of the Public Auditor.  DPS spokesperson, Thomas A. Blas, Jr. refused to say whether or not Dubrall was the assailant.  If he is responsible for the violent attack, he should have gone from the DPS to jail, not to a new position.

From the Variety:
On Oct. 18, the Superior Court issued a search and arrest warrant against Junding Qiu, who was wanted by the police for “ice” trafficking, at an apartment complex near the LPG gas company in As Lito.

Jing Dong Wang resides at an As Lito apartment.

In his affidavit of probable cause, Detective Roque C. Camacho said Dubrall and another detective were at the back of the target apartment complex, monitoring Qiu’s illegal activities.

After her husband was beaten up, Wang’s wife said a police officer showed her a picture of Junding Qiu, and asked if she knew the suspect. 
She said she didn’t know Qui.
It's been over a week since the victim filed police complaints for assault and battery and assault with a deadly weapon, and still no one from the DPS has made a statement regarding the attack.  Of course, they know who is responsible. After all, several officers were on the scene.  The FBI and US Attorney should be investigating this case.

Meanwhile, former police officer Florencio Richards was indicted in federal court after being charged with drug conspiracy, distribution of a controlled substance, use of a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime, and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

He was previously indicted in Superior Court for the same charges, but was out on bail apparently continuing his drug abuse.  He is now being held without bail.   It seems that the federal law enforcement officials know how to enforce the law.

OPA Investigating Ada ARRA Contract Abuse
The Saipan Tribune reports that the Office of the Public Auditor is investigating the questionable sole-source contract awarded to former Secretary of Commerce Michael Ada to oversee the ARRA funds.  Not only was he already performing the services under the Department of Commerce, but he did not even have a license for his business, Integrated Professional Services, LLC at the time the contract was awarded.

The Tribune revealed that Ada's IPS business partner is Jose Padilla who is a former executive at Red Rock LLC.  Red Rock was awarded an $50,000 ARRA contract by Ada.  Padilla also was awarded a contract for energy saving lights at the library, the CHC, and legislative buildings.

The partnership with Padilla adds to the mix of alleged violations including violations of the Government Ethics Act of 1992.

The governor's press secretary, Angel Demapan claims that the Government Ethics Law of 1992 does not apply to this contract.

Voting Abuses

Election-gate continues as the Covenant Party has set up a tent outside an early voting site on Saipan. About 1,000 voters have already voted in the early voting and Elections Commission Executive Director Robert Guerrero is questioning the large number.

From the Marianas Variety:
The criteria for early voting as provided in Public Law 17-16 include business activity, necessity of travel, military and merchant marine service, medical treatment, government representation and the ties to those doing these.

But the number of people lining up at the election office to vote early has cast doubt on their eligibility to vote early.

Over the weekend, many of these voters were seen filling out application forms they received from people in the tent set up by the Covenant Party across from the election office.

Guerrero said they received reports that many voters were getting forms from Covenant Party supporters.

He said they immediately asked the party’s supporters to stop doing it.

Guerrero admitted that they did not anticipate that there would be a lot of early voters.
The Covenant Party members are handing out early voter applications to their supporters.  The CNMI early voting is limited to those voters who are unable to vote on election day.  Watch KSPN2 news to hear some early voters struggling to explain why they are voting early.

The ballot boxes are being held by the Rota and Tinian DPS and on Saipan by the Department of Corrections, which is headed by Fitial's pal, Ramon Mafnas.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
For each island, the election commission deployed one poll worker for the early voting process to be assisted by a police officer.

The board of election commission certified three polling places for the early voting process: Rota DPS in Songsong Village; Tinian DPS in San Jose; and the election commission office in Susupe.

Pursuant to Public Law 17-11, the early voting period will end on Nov. 1 and all polling sites will open at 8am through 4pm each day inclusive of weekends.


Anonymous said...

I finally figured out the Fitial strategy. Have so much corruption EVERYONE and in every department that no one knows where to look or where to stop it. When he and Lang leave there will be no more CNMI, just ashes.

Anonymous said...

Why are Saipan ballot boxes being kept at the DOC?