Fitial Invites More to Ride on His Sinking Ship

October 4, 2010

Can it get any crazier?  The CNMI deficit is at $11.5 million, 1,400 are not working while the government has shutdown, drafts of budget proposals call for the slashing of government employees' hours, and Governor Fitial has certified five positions.  The positions are for a nurse and physician at CHC, two positions at the Department of Public Land and a labor enforcement trainee at the Tinian Department of Labor. Is he serious?  Who did they say they would vote for?


Anonymous said...

You asked whether it can get any crazier, and Joe Camacho answered!

Camacho says US citizen job applicants should be prioritized

(Read the whole thing. Besides making a blatant violation of federal law his platform, also says that the US military in Guam should use CUC utilities. Really.)

Sure, he's playing to the scared-for-their-jobs government employees, but are they really that naive?

The Saipan Blogger said...

US citizens are theoretically prioritized for jobs now, even in the mainland. I wonder what he would change?

The Saipan Blogger said...

Your next post clears up my comment. I was wrong.