OIA: "We Don't Want People Messing with Our Money"

October 19, 2010

The DOI's Office of Insular Affairs is looking at two sole-source contracts that the Fitial Administration has recently awarded. One is the controversial ARRA contract that was sole-sourced to former Secretary of Commerce Michael Ada. The other contract has yet to be disclosed.

OIA grants coordinator, Tom Busanich said, "I'm quite sure that federal authorities are very interested in finding out more detail about how this is being handled to protect federal resources."

Was Ada's company truly the only company able to administer the ARRA grants?

Interior 's Inspector General may also be investigating the contracts according to KSPN 2 News.

Fitial and Ada have had plenty of time to discuss the sole source contract and other matters. The two frequently travel together.  They have gone on at least five trips together in just one year: August 2010 to California, May 2010 to a California conference, March 2010 to Washington DC, February 2010 to Washington, DC, and July 2009 to the Micronesian Chiefs' Summit in Majuro.  Ada also travelled to Washington, DC as Insurance Commissioner in September 2010.