Party Boys

October 1, 2010

The failure of the CNMI Legislature to pass a balanced budget resulted in a government shutdown, and no pay for 1,400 of "non-essential" government employees.  The affected employees and their families are worrying about how to put food on their tables and pay their bills. It leaves business owners concerned about keeping their doors open in a time when the economy has tanked and the few remaining customers may have no money to spend.

Still some seem unaffected by the storm that has hit the CNMI.  Like Emperor Nero who fiddled while Rome burned, Fitial was found partying with Rep. Stanley Torres at Godfather's Bar the evening before the shutdown was announced.  The Marianas Variety reported:
Stanley was dancing on the dance floor and the governor was in a corner booth, surrounded by friends and laughing,” a resident told this reporter.

“What a slap in the face to their constituents — they are partying in public as the clock ticks toward a government shutdown that is 100 percent attributable to their professional failures,” the resident added.

Fitial was already at the bar when a brief power outage hit Garapan on Thursday evening.
Many CNMI residents remained apathetic and seemed unconcerned as they witnessed massage-gate, gun-gate, parole-gate and all of the other corruption that has been flooding the CNMI this year. But the shutdown will directly impact many families and maybe, just maybe, the people will decide that "enough is enough"and will take action to demand a just government.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, it's only the common people that will be affected by this government failures, inefficiency and stupidity. I feel sorry for them though they are partially to be blamed. I wish all people here can vote so that somehow,change the politics here on CNMI.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Attorney General Ed Buckingham has hired high-priced attorney G. Anthony Long to defend him in the OPA prosecution of his Hatch Act violation. Word on the street is that retiring Finance Secretary Bob Schrack told Buckingham he had to pay his own legal fees, until Buckingham complained to Fitial. Fitial then issued a directive to Schrack, ordering him to pay Buckingham's legal fees.

I wonder how all the "non-essential" workers worrying about how to feed their families feel about taxpayers footing Bucky's legal bills?

Wendy said...

Anonymous 12:36 "Only the common" people? What do you mean? Common people as opposed to the elite of the CNMI or those with money and power? Ultimately, the suffering of some will affect all.

For years the majority of people of the CNMI ignored and some contributed to the abuses of the foreign workers. Thousands of foreign workers suffered because they were not paid all of their meager wages and their abuser/employers got away with it. Most of the cheated workers never received was was due to them and yet they somehow survived despite the great loss of income. These disenfranchised people had/have no say in the corrupt system. The 1,400 "non-essential" workers, as you pointed out, do have a say. They can oust the rogue legislators and governor at the ballot box. Maybe some empty stomachs and personal suffering, the likes of what the workers have endured for decades, will make them think about who they cast a ballot for next time. Perhaps they won't be so eager to exchange their votes for a job, which is worth nothing if there is no money to pay the salary.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 3:36

Fitial and his corrupt minions hold each other up so they don't drown in their ocean of filthy corruption. Buckingham defended Fitial through massage-gate and other scandals, losing any credibility and respect he may have had. Fitial is undoubtedly responsible for helping to set up the entire schedule of campaign events for Camacho sponsored by high-level government department heads and their offices. Maybe he feels he should at least make he gesture to support Buckingham. May they both get what they deserve.