Prayer Vigil November 9, 2010

October 28, 2010

Former Rep. Tina Sablan has joined those who are inviting all residents to join the prayer vigil November 9th at American Memorial Park. She also has shown her public support for the petition to President Barack Obama.

From the Marinas Variety:

“The purpose of the vigil and the petition is to appeal to President Obama to take administrative action to extend parole-in-place protection to the legal aliens who have been part of our economy, our families, and our community for many years,” she told Variety in an e-mail.

She said while “we continue to push for Congress to pass legislation that will grant these legal aliens a pathway to more permanent status, until that happens, executive action can be taken now to stabilize our workforce and keep our families intact.”

She urged community members to sign the petition requesting Obama to extend protections to the legal aliens in the CNMI.