Toronto Concert: Tayo'y mga Pinoy!

Lolita Carbon

October 9, 2010

Para sa inyo mga kababayan konsyerto ng mga musikerong Filipino sa Toronto, Canada. Darating ang araw na matugtugan din namin kayo diyan sa CNMI.  - Boboy Doromal (Lolita and the Boys)

Lolita Carbon of the Filipino folk-rock group, ASIN joined past members Boboy Doromal and Boy Militar, and the band, Banyuhay Ni Heber, to perform in a concert and clubs last week in Toronto, Canada.

In the 1970s and 1980s the Filipino music from both bands provided inspirational messages to revolutionaries, environmentalists and human rights activists working for change in the Philippines.

Lolita Carbon, Boboy Doromal and Boy Militar, who played together in ASIN and then the original Lolita and the Boys, recorded Usok and Ganyan lang.  The groups toured the Philippines in the 1980s. For the last three years they have reunited to perform in Canada. This year local artists from Toronto: Kaye Viray, Ramon Estaris and drummer, Glen performed with the group.

Heber Gonzalez Bartolome is a musician, poet and painter from Cabanatuan City, Neuva Ecijas, Philippines. He  graduated with a degree in fine arts from the University of Philippines. Bartolome is the founder of Banyuhay, a folk-rock protest band. Some of his well-known songs are “Nena” and “Tayo’y Mga Pinoy.” Heber performed with his brothers, Jesse and Levi and drummer Ami, all from the Philippines.

Heber Bartolome and Lolita Carbon

Lolita and the Boys

Jesse and Heber Bartolome

Levi Bartolome

Boboy and Kaye

Sound check


Levi Bartolome and Boy Militar


Boboy and Boy

Heber Bartolome and Boboy Doromal

Lolita Carbon, Isabel and Aysa Militar

Ian Nallas from Radio Boses Pinas, Toronto and Lolit

Boy Militar

Kaye, Lolit, and Boboy

Heber Bartolome

Boboy Doromal

Militar family with Levi

Lolita and the Boys

Heber Bartolome and Lolita Carbon

Fans after the performance

After the performance

Paulo Repato

Heber and Banyuhay

Ami, Boy and Boboy
Niagra Falls from the United States

Toronto street

Bayan Kong Sinilangan "Cotabato" ASIN, Toronto, Canada,  October 2, 2010:



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Mabuhay ang Filipino!

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Thanks for sharing about two of the greatest Filipino bands ever!