October 24, 2010

It appears that undercover police officers raided the home of an innocent foreign worker suspecting he was an "ice dealer" and at least one officer proceeded to brutally beat the innocent man.  It was said that there are photographs of a pool of blood where his head hit the ground.  Maybe it is not only police officers who are undercover. It appears that the DPS attempted to keep the story of the police brutality undercover too. Until I wrote about this yesterday on this site, there was no report of the attack.

Today the Marianas Variety reported:
The victim, Wang Jin Dong, said he was on the terrace of their barracks on the second floor of a building in As Lito when two men from the ground shouted at him to “stop,” while aiming their flashlights at him.

Wang said he had just finished cooking dinner at about 8 p.m. and was about to go to his room when another male individual armed with a handgun approached and ordered him “to stay put” while pointing a handgun at him.

The armed individual walked behind him, and hit Wang’s head with the handgun, the victim said.

While blood oozed from his head as he lay on the concrete floor, Wang said the same armed individual handcuffed him and kicked his body several times.

Wang said there were other people who entered his room.

He said the armed individual took his wallet and looked for his identification card.

At this point, the victim’s wife arrived, but was prevented from coming near her husband.

Police asked her if she knew the person in the picture shown to her, identified as Junding Qiu, who is wanted by the police for possession and trafficking of “ice.”

She said she didn’t know the suspect.

Wang, who was not taken into custody, was later transported to the Commonwealth Health Center.
If it is true that the men who beat and then handcuffed Jin Dong Wang were, in fact, undercover cops, then let the CNMI Government issue a statement, terminate all officers involved in the assault and cover-up, and pay for Mr. Wang's medical expenses, loss of work, and punitive damages.

I doubt that Mr. Wang will receive justice from the CNMI Department of Public Safety or Office of Attorney General. That is why the FBI, the US Attorney's Office and others have been notified.