"We Don't Need Her Anymore"

Speaker Tenorio Photo by Haidee Eugenio
October 6, 2010

Oh no, it looks like Speaker Tenorio didn't get the memo that October has been designated as National Bullying Prevention Month.  Now he's going after Rota Rep. Teresita Santos, threatening to strip her of her position as Chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources because she isn't voting with the majority. From the Marianas Variety:
She is a member of the House leadership but has been voting with the minority bloc during the series of sessions that tackled the fiscal year 2011 budget bill.

Santos said she has to vote for the best interest of Rota residents.

...Speaker Froilan C. Tenorio, Covenant-Saipan, said he wants Santos out of the House leadership because she has not been voting with the majority.

“But I don’t blame her. She is from Rota. She needs to be with the Rota delegation. She’s one of them. So I can see that she will always represent not only the interest of Rota residents but also the interest of the three senators from Rota,” Tenorio said.

The House rules, he said, allow the speaker to replace a chairman of the committee with the approval of the chairmen of other House committees.

Tenorio said the House leadership has enough members to maintain its majority, so “we don’t need her anymore.”

Two members of the minority bloc, Saipan Republicans Eliceo D. Cabrera and Joseph M. Palacios, are now siding with the House leadership on key issues, especially the budget bill.
"We don't need her anymore"  is a nasty, classless statement.

I taught with Representative Santos on Rota and have to say that she was intelligent, open-minded in her views and had a good character.  I would guess if faced with the choice of kissing up to Tenorio or serving the people of Rota, she will opt to best serve the people of Rota. Time will tell...