What a Tangled Web...

October 19, 2010

The Tan-Fitial connections never end, do they?  Former Vice-President of Tan Holdings, Governor Benigno Fitial awarded the Virginia-based Management Analysis, Inc. a contract to perform a $300,000 desk audit of two CNMI departments.  Lynn Knight, former Fitial lobbyist and former Vice-President for Corporate Affairs for Tan is currently both the governor's "communication director in Washington, DC" and a project manager for Management Analysis, Inc.

Now another Tan employee is in the web - Edward Arriola Jr., who also manages the Tan Siu Lin Foundation, works as MAI’s resident agent.

The Marianas Variety reported:
Variety learned that Arriola joined the pre-proposal meeting of the Fitial administration with the vendors interested in the request for proposal that was put out for the desk audit.

Of the eight vendors that submitted proposals, it was MAI that was awarded the $360,000 contract.

In an interview yesterday, Arriola said he is not an employee of MAI, but just an “agent receiving a flat professional fee.”

He admitted attending the vendors meeting where he took notes that he submitted to the MAI office in Virginia. 
Knight has been with MAI since Aug. 2009.
Edward Arriola, Jr was appointed to the Zoning Board by Governor Fitial in September 2010. He formerly served as the public information officer for the DPL earning a salary of $50,000. In addition to holding the position of manager for the Tan Siu Lin Foundation, Arriola is the "destination enhancement manager" for the Marianas Visitor's Authority.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope someone is held accountable for this graft.

Anonymous said...

If you investigate further, you may find that as CEDS Chairwoman Knight attempted sexual relations with a happily married MAI Project Manager involved in CEDS and desk audit. You also will discover that Knight was making his life miserable when she moved to DC because he would not do or conform to her wants You also may find that used her position at MAI and with the Governor to discredit him with Smith and others at MAI.