Another Official Arrested

November 10, 2010

Edward Arriola, Jr. who was appointed to the Zoning Board in September 2010 by Governor Fitial was arrested for disturbing the peace and assault with a deadly weapon in what appears to be a domestic violence incident.  The Tan Holdings employee is the chair of the Tan Sui Foundation and an officer at Tan Holdings.

According to the Saipan Tribune Judge Govendo allowed the alleged criminal to go to Guam to stay under the custody of his father Attorney Arriola after he posted $5,250 bail.  The law breakers in the CNMi do not know how easy they have it. This could not happen in the mainland based on these charges.

Arriola is the registered agent for Management Analysis, Inc. in the CNMI. MAI has been criticized for receiving a federally funded contract from the CNMI while Lynn Knight, former Fitial lobbyist and former Tan employee, is employed as a project manager with MAI while at the same time maintaining a position with the Governor's Office as his "communications director."

Former Covenant candidate Attorney Joseph Camacho is defending Arriola.


Anonymous said...

If convicted, that could make a difference in a Fed. contract.Regardless of any sentence.