CNMI Election Results: KILILI WINS!

November 2, 2010

This post will be updated as results come in.

The Saipan Tribune reported that about 9,000 voters cast ballots in yesterday's election for U.S. House Delegate. This includes about 6,432 who voted yesterday, 1,800 early voters, and 700 absentee ballots. That's about 54% of the 16,576 eligible CNMI voters.

As of 12:00am CNMI time, there are still no election results. The Marianas Variety is reporting that CNMI AAG Meaghan Hassel-Shearer said to expect initial election results within an hour.

1:21am From Marinas Variety: Precinct 2 (Chalan Kanoa/Susupe): Sablan, 360; Camacho, 157; Borja, 137; Babauta, 74

1:47am From the Marianas Variety:

Precinct 7 (Rota): Sablan, 398; Camacho, 118; Babauta, 106; Borja, 75
TOTAL: Sablan 758, Camacho 275, Borja 212, Babauta 180

2:21am From the Marinas Variety:

Precinct 6 (Tinian): Sablan, 202; Babauta, 174; Camacho, 160; Borja, 45
TOTAL: Sablan 960, Camacho 435, Babauta 354, Borja 257

As predicted the early votes were captured by the Covenant Party that reportedly had government employees and voters complete the forms in their presence:

Early votes: Camacho, 965; Sablan, 430; Babauta, 248; Borja, 135
TOTAL: Camacho 1,400; Sablan 1,390; Babauta, 602; Borja 392

3:39 am From the Marianas Variety:
Precinct 1-A (San Antonio): Sablan, 263; Babauta, 104; Borja, 74; Camacho, 53
TOTAL: Sablan 1,653; Camacho 1,453; Babauta 706; Borja 466

4:49 am From the Marianas Variety:
Precinct 1-B (San Vicente): Sablan, 684; Borja, 292; Babauta, 230; Camacho, 191
TOTAL: Sablan 2,337; Camacho 1,644; Babauta 936; Borja 758

5:13am From the Marianas Variety:
Precinct 5 (Kagman): Sablan, 641; Borja, 267; Camacho, 261, Babauta, 227
TOTAL: Sablan 2,978; Camacho 1,905; Babauta 1,163; Borja 1,025

With only 2,000 votes left to count, it looks like Kilili is trending to be the winner.

Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan has remained ahead of all candidates except in the early voting block of ballots, where Camacho has an unbelievable (and I mean that literally) lead.

In San Antonio and San Vicente, Camacho came in with the fewest votes of the four candidates.

5:53 am From the Marianas Variety:

Precinct 3-B (Garapan): Sablan, 683; Borja, 274; Camacho, 227; Babauta 214
TOTAL: Sablan 3,661; Camacho 2,132; Babauta 1,377; Borja 1,299

With less than 1,000 votes remaining I am going to predict that U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan will be the winner!

6:07 am From the Marianas Variety:

Precinct 3-A (San Jose): Sablan, 208; Camacho, 154; Babauta, 64; Borja, 47
TOTAL: Sablan 3,869; Camacho 2,286; Babauta 1,441; Borja 1,346

6:31 am From the Marianas Variety:

Precinct 1-C (Koblerville): Sablan, 260; Babauta, 146; Camacho, 122; Borja, 99
TOTAL: Sablan 4,129; Camacho 2,408; Babauta 1,587; Borja 1,445

6:46 am From the Marianas Variety:

Absentee Ballots: Sablan, 382; Babauta, 177; Borja, 119; Camacho, 73
TOTAL: Sablan 4,511; Camacho 2,481; Babauta 1,764; Borja 1,564

6:56 am From the Marianas Variety:

Precinct 4-C (Capital Hill): Sablan, 109; Babauta, 55; Camacho, 46; Borja, 35
TOTAL: Sablan 4,620; Camacho, 2,527; Babauta 1,819; Borja 1,599

7:11 am From the Marianas Variety:

Precinct 4-B (San Roque): Sablan, 138; Babauta,112; Camacho, 73; Borja, 68
TOTAL: Sablan 4,758; Camacho 2,600; Babauta 1,931; Borja 1,667

Precinct 4-A (Tanapag): Camacho, 144; Sablan, 138; Babauta, 118; Borja, 40

TOTAL: Sablan 4,902; Camacho 2,744; Babauta 2,049; Borja, 1,707

The Saipan Tribune headlines: "It's a landslide for Kilili"

The CNMI Election Commission is posting votes on their site.

Please feel free to share a voting experience or comment!


The Saipan Blogger said...

I hope those numbers are wrong. Like let's say, perhaps the real story is that as of 1 PM 9000 had voted. That's a frighteningly low turnout.

Anonymous said...

As someone pointed out "the Governor gave the government employees a day off". What gives?

Perhaps the electorate in the CNMI just don't think having representation in Washington is that important.

Anonymous said...

Watch how fitial cheats with early voting and hands camacho the election. Are the feds watching?

Anonymous said...

The early votes showed COVENANT = CHEATERS!

Anonymous said...

Even if they cheat on absentee ballots it looks like Kilili will keep his seat! BIBA KILILI!

Covenazis blow said...

The COVENAZIS are being blown out of the water.

Kilili wasn't just running against Jofis Norita Camacho--he was running against King Fitial and his cronies!

It is good to see the good people of the CNMI standing up against a dictatorship that has decimated the CNMI.

Good riddance Jofis Camacho and King Fitial. Jofis, nobody will trust you again. You went from Republican to Independent to Covenazi within six months!

Nobody wants to see Jofis in ofis.

They want to see Kilili, continuing what he started, inspiring the CNMI along the way.

Good bye Covenazis!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone knew the Covenant Party was telling their supporters to vote early.

So when, immediately after the Early Votes were counted, and Camacho surged briefly to a ten-vote lead, it was obvious the game was over.

The Covenant Party had shot their load in the early vote; all the precinct votes would undoubtedly have a far smaller component of Camacho supporters.

The reason Kilili won is that everyone from all sectors of CNMI society is pleased with the job he is doing. If it ain't broken, don't fix it!

[It is a bit humorous how some people have tried to paint this as a referendum on Fitial.]

Maybe Kilili should come back and be our governor in 2014. On the other hand, by then he will have eight years seniority in Congress. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kilili!

Anonymous said...

This election sends a message to Fitial and his cronies. The people of the CNMI will no longer be bought and we will not put up with any more corruption.

Thank you God for Kilili!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to see how many covenant are left in Tinian since the last Mayor (Covenant) got ousted. The numbers reflect about the same amount that were employed in the Mayors office. (I am not familiar with Rota's politics)

Anonymous said...

The 6:07 report is only in the 9k count neighborhood of votes also.

Anonymous said...

This restores my faith in the CNMI! BIBA KILILI!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of voters took the day off to hang out at the beach instead of vote.

Anonymous said...

4,902 votes for Kilili out of 11,402 votes cast are a very convincing 42.99% in a four-way race.

By comparison, Camacho's 2,744 votes are only 24.066% of the total.

While some pundits are complaining about "low turn-out," the real story is that so many former CNMI residents have moved off-island.

The Commonwealth Election Commission only removes voters if they register elsewhere (and indicate a former CNMI address to their new election officials) or fail to vote in a general election.

Anonymous said...

This was the referendum on the OCWs. Biba Kilili! And Biba OCWs!

Anonymous said...

Should the Legislature apply the gubernatorial 50% run-off law to our Delegate elections?

Covenazis NEED TO GO! said...

"Should the Legislature apply the gubernatorial 50% run-off law to our Delegate elections?"

Only if a Covenazi like Jofis "I'm a Republican-Independent-Covenant" Camacho wins.

Jofis should quit politics and concentrate on a diet regimen. He is bigger than Managaha!

Anonymous said...

Have a runoff to facilitate a bunch of backdoor deals to buy or extort votes? Sounds like a great idea!

Anonymous said...

The Saipan Tribune headlines: "It's a landslide for Kilili" should be the in the Marianas Variety not in Saipan Tribune-Thanks.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 8:14

It is the headline in the Saipan Tribune and the Marianas Variety!

Anonymous said...

Kilili was the best of four poor choices. A nice man,but one who in fact did take credit for things he did not do.