Doolittle's Pity Fest

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ring (center) flanked by John and Julie Doolittle

November 17, 2010

Governor Fitial's pal, former Rep. John Doolittle (D-Abramoff) whined to the Auburn Journal that he and his wife, Julie were "defamed by the government" for over 6 years.  John and Julie Doolittle were named as co-conspirators in the Kevin Ring case.

The Auburn Journal reported:
The names of Doolittle and his wife, Julie, were featured prominently in the trial and linked to Ring, when the two were identified in court documents as unindicted co-conspirators on one of the counts against the lobbyist.

The charge, which Ring was convicted of, involved what was described by Associated Press as a kickback to the congressman through convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Abramoff, who served a federal prison sentence on a corruption conviction, employed Julie Doolittle in what prosecutors convinced the jury was a $5,000-a-month “no work” job.
Read the verdict.

Doolittle said Kevin Ring called to tell him that he was found guilty:
Doolittle said that both Ring and his attorneys were in shock when he called them and hadn’t formulated what their next steps would be. He said continued Justice Department pressure, including a search of his Virginia residence, had unfairly tarnished his reputation. Doolittle was informed through his attorney in June that the Justice Department had halted its investigation.

“I know they hadn’t anything in the first place because we never did anything wrong,” Doolittle said. “All I know is what the truth is and I’m absolutely at peace with this and always will be.”
Doolittle also said that as a result of the arrest and trial, Ring's marriage "broke up" and he has over $2.3 million in attorneys' fees.  Still, it's hard to feel sorry for someone who earned enough money to pay $2.3 million in attorney's fees by screwing taxpayers and making a mockery of democracy.

Ring said in an email to Jack Abramoff that the "ethics thing is a real turnoff" and that his team preferred "working with amoral pond scum." Ring lack of remorse and refusal to take responsibility for his actions may result in a harsher sentence.

California political consultant, Todd Stenhouse said:
“We elect people to represent us – not K Street (a Washington center for lobbyists),” said Folsom's Todd Stenhouse. “The practices Kevin Ring was involved in were atrocious and undermined our democracy.”

While Doolittle and his wife were never indicted or put on trial, their links to the Ring case show “at best, an alarming and shocking lack of judgment,” Stenhouse said. “What gets lost is that when Jack Abramoff’s disparate interests were first on the radar in Washington, it was taking place with a backdrop of 9-11, crucial economic policy decisions and troops going to Afghanistan.”
The evidence linking the Doolittles to the Abramoff corruption was strong enough to identify them as co-conspirators. Too bad the big players like former Reps. John Doolittle, Bob Schaffer and Tom Delay and Rep. Don Young somehow escaped charges.


ACR said...


One of the counts the jury found Kevin Ring guilty of was an honest services fraud related to a no-show job given by Team Abramoff to Julie Doolittle. Evidence at trial showed that Team Abramoff paid Mrs. Doolittle $5,000 per month for a year and a half.

So here's the situation we face today. Kevin Ring was found guilty of a bribery scheme where Julie Doolittle received $5,000 a month. Meanwhile, John Doolittle says he and his wife "never did anything wrong". Julie's job, enough to hang a felony conviction on Kevin Ring, simply "tarnished [Doolittle's] reputation". I find it interesting that John Doolittle can be "absolutely at peace with this". I've never met Mr. Ring, but I'm confident in predicting that he isn't "at peace" with this matter.

Doolittle is such an .... oh, it isn't worth it.


Wendy said...


I was wondering about that too. Can Julie Doolittle be charged even though her husband isn't? You're right, Doolittle is such an...

I think Doolittle, Delay and the rest lie so much that they have actually convinced themselves they didn't do anything wrong.