Losing Bet

November 17, 2010

The CNMI House members who voted in favor of internet lottery think that gambling will attract tourists to the CNMI.  Doubtful -very doubtful. The endeavor will address "cash flow problems?" Also doubtful. It is far more likely that the endeavor will create social problems and even more crime.

If someone from Asian was going to go on vacation to gamble, it is not likely that they would select the CNMI as their destination.  Not when Macau has the world's "biggest, best and most expensive" casinos and other countries in Asia have established gambling businesses.  If someone outside of Asia was considering a vacation to gamble they also would not likely travel thousands of miles to the CNMI. The islands don't have the atmosphere or infrastructure to support a gambling mecca.

Former Senator Juan Demapan, who is a partner in PET, a business with plans to bring video lottery machines to the CNMI, claims that internet gambling will create 1,000 jobs! How?

For goodness sakes, why would people who live in a place with some of the most awe-inspiring diving and scenic attractions want to trash it up with casinos and gambling? Edu-tourism seems a much better bet to build revenue and attract tourists.


Anonymous said...

I agree that there are other ways to get revenue and to attract tourists. Both the marijuana bill and internet or video gambling will only attract mafia. CNMI stands for: Commonwealth of the No-brains Mafia Islands