Police Brutality Case Under Investigation by Federal Officials

November 16, 2010

KSPN2 News reported that Department of Safety Commissioner Santiago Tudela says that he does "not believe" that the police officer identified as Jesse Duball, assaulted an innocent Chinese worker on October 18, 2010.  Tudela said, "I don't think he ever did that."

The commissioner nervously claimed that there were no witnesses at the incident -only the victim and the officer. However, previous reports stated that two officers were on the second floor balcony where Jin Dong Wang was violently assaulted. Tudela appeared unconvincing in the KSPN interview.

Photos of a pool of blood where Wang fell after he was hit in the head allegedly with the police officer's handgun were broadcast on KSPN.

Days after the incident Duball either resigned from DPS or was transferred to the Office of the Public Auditor.

The FBI and US Department of Justice are investigating the incident.

The Marianas Variety reported:
On Oct. 18, the Superior Court issued a search and arrest warrant against Junding Qiu who was living at the back side of an apartment complex near the LPG gas company in As Lito, where Jin Dong Wang was also residing.

In his affidavit of probable cause, Detective Roque C. Camacho said Dubrall and another detective were at the back of the target apartment complex, monitoring Qiu’s illegal activities.

Apparently, the police thought that Jin Dong Wang was the suspect
Someone struck the victim with a gun, handcuffed him and kicked him. Not many civilians carry handcuffs and guns.  Let's hope the FBI can identify the attacker.


Anonymous said...

Dubrall should have some honor and confess.

Captain said...

The DPS have probably cleaned and switched the guns from this cop also so that no DNA blood samples could be taken from it.
Wasn't this guy "gone" from the cop shop the very next day?

So what is Tudela trying to say that the cops did not arrest and "cuff" this guy?
That people imitating cops came and did all of this?
Didn't the wife come home when the cops were there and seen her husband laying on the floor bleeding? (and they restrained her from going to him)
Who called to have him transported to the hospital?
The head wound would have a type of "imprint from the blunt force impact.
The biggest problem with this whole thing involving the Feds, is that if this comes to a trial this cop would probably not get convicted by a jury in Saipan.
If they moved the trial to Guam the person(s) would most likely get convicted.
The racial prejudice is really showing lately by many Saipan peoples comments.

Anonymous said...

Want to be a criminal? Come to the CNMI because your chances of being prosecuted are less than 10% if you are caught. It you are charged your chances of going to jail or staying there for a reasonable time are able 5%. A relative of the guv? Feel free to break the law.