November 23, 1010

The CNMI Department of Labor claims " it is doing all it can to help locals find jobs in the private sector but the federal labor ombudsman is giving DOL a hard time."  Anyone who believes that should not working in an administrative position in that department.  Of course, the statement was attributed to Deputy Secretary of Labor Cinta Kaipat.  The Marianas Variety reported:
Labor Deputy Secretary Cinta M. Kaipat, who met with lawmakers in the House chamber yesterday, said one of the challenges her department is facing in obtaining an accurate number of job positions in the CNMI is dealing with the labor ombudsman, who, she added, is “misguiding” guest workers.

Kaipat said Labor is conducting a job inventory.

The department, she added, wants to know which positions will be vacated soon so they can motivate locals to pursue training provided by federally funded vocational programs and apply for these positions.

But because the labor ombudsman has been advising guest workers not to deal with CNMI Labor, Kaipat said they cannot come up with an accurate data on the number of jobs the nonresident workers hold or have vacated.

Federal Labor Ombudsman Pam Brown, however, said the U.S. government does not require any nonresident or business wishing to employ aliens to seek permission from CNMI Labor.

She also cited the letter of Interior Assistant Secretary Tony Babauta who told the Saipan Chamber of Commerce that the “federal government does not require employers seeking to hire employees” to comply with Public Law 17-1.

Federal immigration rules now apply to the islands.
Why on earth would guest workers deal with the CNMI Department of Slaver unless necessary? The ombudsman is correct in telling the workers that the federal government oversees foreign workers regardless of what the CNMI DOL or PL 17-1 claim.

So what exactly is this "misguided" advice that the ombudsman has been telling workers? Advice that DOL rejects because the administration still wants to maintain control of labor and immigration?

Kaipat is the one that refused to share DOL data with the federal government and she complains because she can't figure out what's happening with the foreign workforce?  Classic.


Anonymous said...

As most have heard, or experienced over the years.
Away from all of this "spin" by DOL. Regardless if there are jobs available now or not, or will be coming available in the future.
Regarding "The jobs US Cit."
These people that need the training cannot wait until there is a job available and to then enroll in a training program.
It seems that many have the assumption that they can send someone to be "trained" and after a week or two (or a month) these people will be qualified for a "skilled" position.(Much like some of NMI agencies such as DPS and equipment operators)
For many the biggest part of training is to show up for work everyday (on time) and then to be there all day and actually do something constructive.
For years much of these training programs have been available but not many takers.
As stated by many, "locals will not take minimum wage jobs".
Until this wage differential between private sector and Govt. is "leveled" there will not be many takers for the private sector jobs.
Also from past experience, most private sector employers are "gunshy" about hiring non CW.
Even when the wage is above minimum wage, in many instances an employee will only show up for a short time until the food stamps "kick in" or something else happens, then they are gone leaving the employer short handed and the previous CW employee either has left island or has gone to another employer.
And in many cases this "style" is not limited to the "locals" it is also prevalent in many of the mainland worker that are here that only want "beer money".
Over the years I have also experienced many mainland people that have a "good talk" but cannot do the walk.
Many are "in transit" running away from something in the US or in Guam.
It seems to me that DOL is trying to enforce the 30% hire and cannot get stats on the number of employees from each company.
It also may be that some Fed funding may be taken away because the programs are not being utilized.

The Saipan Blogger said...

This is one of the places where I disagree with Cinta (and most local people). I don't think local people should be looking for "jobs," I think they should be figuring out ways to create their own jobs. The Villegases, Walt Goodridge, and Tony Pelligrino write about how to do this in their columns every week, but nobody heeds the advice.

Anonymous said...

angelo, I thought cinta was your sweetheart. LOL

Anonymous said...

Locals don't work in the private sector because of the low pay. It's that simple. There is much good local talent, but most of it is funneled to the government who pays better wages. The government wages are in large part, and by US standards decent either.

It is very difficult to start an enterprise with no capital at all. Banks here are not loaning to small businesses at all. Remember the disclosure by Commerce that not one CNMI bank has given an small business loan in the last seven years. Businesses are tanking all over the CNMI. Quitting a job, no matter how bad it may seem or how low the pay is, to gamble what little you have left on a business here, is too many, much to risky an option.

Melberlin said...

What a nice comment from Anon 8:16 and then sharpened by The Saipan Blogger

The Saipan Blogger said...

The smart people will get out of government before the retirement fund collapses and payroll stops getting paid.

It's not your money! said...

I wonder who these fatheads blamed before there was an ombudsman's office?

Anonymous said...

Villegas just applied for a government job. It looks like he's goign to get it. He's the only applicant left.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who became a government worker after 2006 doesn't have to worry about the collapse of the NMIRF defined benefit plan because they aren't in it.

Anonymous said...

4:07, you are correct, but the banks don't lend without "collateral". Especially a first time borrower. What is there here for collateral? You can't use land or houses. (Don't know if income generating buildings like Apartments can be used without the land)
Would it be any different if article XII is repealed?
But at this point in time, there is nothing now or in the immediate future to look forward to until this admin is gone.