November 1, 2010

It may be hard to be excited about elections this year whether in the CNMI with all the controversy about campaign and election violations, or in the states with the Tea Party stirring up a poison brew.

I voted already, but tonight I am going to attend a rally by my house in downtown Orlando to listen to former President Clinton support Florida's gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink.

Happy Election Day - get out and vote!


Anonymous said...

The title of the President of the United States is for life. He is, therefore, President Clinton, not "former President Clinton."

Wendy said...

Hi anonymous 6:06 Maybe, but the Wall Street Journal, The Hill , New York Daily News, and ABC News address him as former President Bill Clinton, so I guess I am safe to call him "former" too!

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely wrong wendy. it is always "President" and not "former President". Are you trying to tell us that you believe what those newsoutlets say......LMAO

Wendy said...

Anonymous 4:52

Oh no, Mr. Clinton was introduced as "former President Bill Clinton" at the rally. Then the Washington Post, FOX News, CNN, NPR, Orlando Sentinel and a dozen other television news networks and newspapers also used the term "former President Bill Clinton."

Not saying I am right or wrong. I am just following how every other media outlet addresses him.

BTW Nani speaks text and she told me what LMAO means and that's a little rude!

Anonymous said...

LMAO = rude. get a grip!

In all things official it is ALWAYS "Mr. President"

Anonymous said...

"In America there is one President and one Vice President at a time, and those titles can only be applied to the person holding the office at the time. There is never more than one living person who can be properly called President. The titles does not follow a person into retirement.

"Former President" is an historical description, not a title. "

Wendy is correct. She is not addressing him, but writing about him.

Ms. D. said...

Hear, hear!

Don't pick on Wendy.

Anonymous said...

I understand why Democrats might think that the Tea party folks (I am glad you did not use the TB word)are stiring up a "poison brew", but let's face it, the Democrats AND Republicans brought this on themselves.
At first the Tea Party was picking off establishment Repubs, something that the Republicans did not like to much, but tolerated due to them still being "Republicans". Now, they are going after the Democrats in the General Election. Both parties are full of people who have compromised themselves are have caused all of the trouble we are now having. Yes, I am conservative, but I blame the Republican part for a large part of this mess, at least as much as the Democrats. In fact, the Republicans are just a little less upfront about it. With a Democrat you expect big government and givaways to everyone under the sun. The Republicans are supposed to be different, but they are not. Maybe the Democrats are taking this country to the poor house on a jet airplane, but the Repubs are doing it in a prop plane. Just a little slower so you won't notice it.
The Tea Party is a reaction to this foolish behavior by both parties. Naturally, they are going to lean more to the conservative view (some are a liiiiitle extreme even for me), but anything better than that group of entitled folks we have in there now.