CNMI Marriage?

December 9, 2010

Did anyone else find Governor Fitial’s statement that he’s “going back to the Republican Party” odd? Does that party they even want him or the other Covenant Party members? It would be like a divorced husband showing up at his ex-wife’s home saying, “I’m back!” Really?

He claims he will re-join the Republican Party because “there is strength in unity.” I guess there was no concern about unity or strength when he created the split by forming the Covenant Party in 2001. Fitial is a smooth talking dictator. It’s his way or the highway. No matter what party he is aligned with he will want to be the ruler and control the agenda. Is the CNMI GOP ready for that? How would that benefit them?

Anyone is free to join a political party. Why not just leave the Covenant Party and join the Republican, if the governor wants to? Why the union angle?

The Marianas Variety reported:
A former long-time local Republican chairman before he formed the Covenant Party, Fitial has been meeting with Republicans who supported him in last year’s elections. 
“I’m going back to my party,” the governor told reporters. “We are going to merge the Covenant Party and the local Republican Party.” 
Fitial said there is a committee composed of key people from both parties who are working on the planned merger. 
The committee is already discussing the candidates of the reunified party in the next local and federal elections. 
Fitial said the CNMI people “have to understand that I am a lifetime RNC member and I’ve been a member of that organization [the GOP] for the longest time.
The people “have to understand?” I'm not so sure about that.

Could Fitial's attempt to reorganize have something to do with Speaker Tenorio’s on and off again promise to step down as the speaker?

Perhaps Fitial wants to realign himself with Republicans because the Covenant Party is a failure, as this “Covenant of Trust” demonstrates. The "Covenant of Trust" outlined practical solutions that the Covenant party candidates intended to accomplish and deliver within specified periods of time starting from their first day in office. What items on the promised agenda was actually delivered?

I wish some of the reporters had interviewed members of the Republican leadership to get their take. It sure doesn’t seem like all of the "key" leaders of the Covenant and Republican Parties were clued into this. Who are these “key” people that compose the committee? House Minority Leader Diego Benavente? GOP Congressional Delegate candidate Juan Babauta?

Just a few days ago the Lt. Governor, who was one of the founding members of the Covenant Party, stated that he would never abandon the Covenant Party. While he was aware of the talks with the Republican Party, Lt. Governor Eloy Inos told the Tribune that there was no need to unite the two political parties. Inos told the Marianas Variety that he was not included in the discussions between the two parties:
He said he has not been participating in merger discussions and he disagrees that the Covenant Party should be dissolved.

The party, he added, is a chartered political entity that has won elections.

People in the party may move on but the party will remain, he added. But in case the merger happens, Inos said nothing will stop him from reestablishing the Covenant Party. 

CNMI Divorce?
Regarding the rift between himself and Inos, Fitial told the Saipan Tribune:
“I decided not to say anything anymore about the relationship between me and the lieutenant governor because I respect him. He's my friend. And you guys better stop creating problem,” Fitial told reporters.
The governor doesn’t talk to his lieutenant governor for six months and then claims that the press is creating the problems? They don’t talk, but they are “friends.” I don't get it.

Lieutenant Governor Eloy Inos seems to like talking about the rift between him and Governor Benigno Fitial. He's been interviewed by Saipan papers and KSPN News. Some of what was reported is disturbing.

The Marianas Variety reported that Inos stated the obvious - that there is no need to reinstate Ambrosio Ogumoro to his twice terminated position of Deputy Commissioner of DPS. Inos pointed out that three serious grievances have been filed against Ogumoro since July by DPS employees.  Inos said that the grievances should not be swept under the rug.

The Marinas Variety reported:
An ally of the governor, who also declined to be identified, said Fitial believed that the staunch support of the Ogumoro family helped ensure his reelection last year.
At the heart of the problem is the corrupt political system where unqualified individuals are rewarded with a job in exchange for a vote or a block of votes.  This is not a system that began with the Fitial Administration, but he has elevated the practice an intolerable state, even for those who formerly engaged in the system. When people lacking qualifications are placed in a government position everyone suffers.  It just pours salt in the wound that so many unqualified Fitial-approved employees in positions of authority are also people with criminal records. I suspect that in the next few weeks the rift will mysteriously heal or become permanent.



Anonymous said...

Who cares where Fitial goes? Whatever party he's in will be the corruption party just like this logo.

Anonymous said...

Fitial must have his lobbyists in DC -Lynn, Howie and Schemer working with the Republicans who are asking why should we help the guv and what the h**l is Covenant Party. Bet they won't deal with the king unless he is belongs to the Republican Party. This has zero to do with local politics and everything to do with his local control plan.