CNMI Short Takes

November 30, 2010

A political advisor is scheduled to meet with the CNMI governor, lawmakers and "indigenous group leaders" tomorrow.  Hope Alvarez Cristobal, a Guamanian self-determination activist, set up the meeting with Dr. Carlyle Corbin, an international adviser on government and self-determination, according to the Marianas Variety.

It's rare that I share the same viewpoint as Speaker Froilan Tenorio, but in this case I do.  From the Marianas Variety:
Speaker Froilan C. Tenorio, Covenant-Saipan, said he is not going to attend the meeting with Corbin and discuss “self-determination.”

The NMI people, he said, “have already determined that we wanted to be part of the U.S.”

The CNMI Retirement Fund has assets of $414.8 million and an actuarial accrued liability of $969.1 million. With the future of the fund looking dismal, one has to wonder what will be the future of the retirees or those who have been counting on their benefits to retire.

Fitial appointee, Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Department of Public Land, Franz B. Reksid was charged with "bribery concerning a program receiving federal funds." Reksid allegedly took a bribe of $3,000 from a business owner who sought a DPL contract. Reksid oversaw DPL's federal grants related to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The November 23, 2010 indictment:


Anonymous said...

Seems like this guy is even more dumb than dumber by soliciting a bribe from a non "local" or "Asian". Also seems that the person he "solicited" does not even permanently live in the NMI.
But this is typical of Fitial's "people".
I wonder how man(if any)of the Gov's people are not crooks.

Anonymous said...

"Indigenous self-determination" is a boom market for scam artists, especially when the audience is financially desperate. Someone is going to be selling the government something.