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December 20, 2010

Denial and Secrecy
Fitial claims that he disagrees with the report issued by the Office of the Public Auditor, claiming that "this thing has gone overboard." What does anyone expect from a governor that excuses his driver from drug trafficking in his vehicle, from releasing his masseuse from prison to give him a massage, from hiring convicted felons?

Former Rep. Tina Sablan is rightly calling for disclosure and asking the governor and OAG to release the findings of the report that is based on an investigation of violations of CNMI election and ethics laws in the 2010 election.

If you want to see justice in this case; want to end the decades of fraud and cheating in CNMI elections; and would like to see the OAG, Buckingham, the DPS and Ogumoro be held accountable for violating the Hatch Act, you can take action. Contact the Office of the Special Counsel and ask them to request a copy of the secret report that the OPA refuses to make public.  Several people filed Hatch Act complaints against Buckingham and Ogumoro and perhaps this report is significant to their own investigation.  Contact information:
Hatch Act Unit
U.S. Office of Special Counsel
1730 M Street, N.W., Suite 218
Washington, D.C. 20036-4505
Tel: (800) 85-HATCH or (800) 854-2824
(202) 254-3650
Fax: (202) 254-3700
Requests for Hatch Act advisory opinions (only) may be made by e-mail to:
No Reunion
While Fitial and Inos seemed to have kissed and made up, that's not the case between Fitial and the CNMI Republican Party where he once held a leadership position.  Republican Party leaders denounced Fitial's idea for a "merger" of the Covenant and Republican Parties and cancelled a scheduled meeting.

The governor gave this arrogant statement to the Saipan Tribune:
“I was the one who made the Republican Party very strong. Now that I have already accomplished my mission in becoming a governor under the new Covenant Party, it's time for me to go back and take care of my party.”

“Unless the general membership declares I am a persona non grata to the Republican Party and therefore I should not be accepted back to my party. That is very very unlikely to happen.”
“We have a lot of Republicans who are only Republicans for convenience.”
“When it's not good for them they will not support the party. So when it's good for them, they support the party. So I want to make sure that those kinds of Republicans will not exist when I go back to the Republican Party,”
Hysterical! This man leaves the Republican Party to push his self-serving agenda to run for governor and then has the audacity to say, "When it's good for them they support the party."  "Those kinds of Republicans?" Like the governor?  He needs to look in the mirror!

The political parties in the CNMI are based more on personalities and self-serving agendas and their ideals are not typically aligned with those of the national political parties of the same names.


Anonymous said...

This guys lives in his own world and has no comprehension of his actions or what he says.
Not much unlike the rest of his Mafioso. They think they are the "chosen few"
Now Fitial has destroyed everything he has touched under the Covenant Party, he will abandon it as its p[olitical effectiveness gone now and attempt to use another "vehicle" to continue his destructive mission.
I would like the to see the party vote him "persona nongrata" Maybe Stanley might get a movement on to have them do that as that is down Stanley's alley. He can rejoin the party now also.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons Why Fitial Wants to join the Republican Party:

10. He's a party crasher

9. He ruined his own

8. He wants a job in Washington DC and no one knows the Covenant

7. He ruined the CNMI under the Covenant name and wants people to forget

6. Willens and Deanne told him to

5. Jack is out of jail and called the guv with the advice.

4. He's on drugs and can't think right.

3. Sarah Palin asked him to come on her Alaska show, but took back the offer cuz he's Covenant

2. He mixed up April Fool's Day with Christmas

1. He's King Fitial

Anonymous said...

He has no comprehension of right and wrong, or reasons for the law, or his duty as a public official to upholding the law.

Anonymous said...

Our greatest mistakes often come when we impute motives to others.