Fitial Trip

December 27, 2010

Why would Governor Fitial want to attend the inauguration of CNMI Delegate Gregorio (Kilili) Sablan and why would Congressman Sablan even invite him? The governor has unjustly and relentlessly attacked Congressman Sablan since he was elected.  He not only backed Covenant Party candidate Joseph Camacho who ran against Sablan, but was involved in sponsoring questionable events for the candidate, which were said to violate NMI and federal election laws.

The Saipan Tribune reported that Governor Fitial will be in Washington, DC "early next year" to meet with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Maybe the governor wants an excuse to extend and legitimize his trip to Washington, DC that will deplete more funds from the near empty CNMI coffers.

What's happening in Washington, DC in January? Congressman Sablan's inauguration is January 5th.  The Republican National Committee will elect its Chairman on January 15th.  On January 3rd Grover Norquist (Abramoff and Fitial pal), from the Americans for Tax Reform will host a candidates forum for the RNC Chair.

In recent weeks Fitial has announced he wants to return to "his" party, the Republican Party.  Fitial, once a leader of the CNMI Republican Party, left the party in 2001 to form the Covenant Party. Something is up besides airplanes.

UPDATE: Looks like Congressman Sablan will hold his swearing-in ceremony on Saipan to allow his constituents to be part of the event.  Now let's see if the governor shows!


Anonymous said...

That was also my thoughts exactly. What is this low life up to???

The Saipan Blogger said...

I got an invitation.