Friends Show Support for Kevin and Tom

November 30, 2010

In less than a week Jack Abramoff will be a free man.  From everything he has said in interviews and in court, it appears that he has shown remorse and regret for his crimes.  He has had a long time to reflect on his past deeds and how adversely they impacted thousands of innocent people.  Perhaps, he will take off in another direction on a straighter path when he shuts the door on his prison life.

However, apologies, admission of guilt and regret are not in the vocabulary of some other smug Abramoff-connected felons like Kevin Ring and Tom DeLay. Neither felon has admitted guilt and both have dismissed their crimes and played the victim.  They also both have friends who support them and blame the Democrats and their prosecutors for their convictions and situations. Both DeLay and Ring whined about the millions that they have had to spend in attorneys' fees.

Defiant Tom DeLay said:
"I still maintain that I am innocent. The criminalization of politics undermines our very system and I'm very disappointed in the outcome."
He told ABC's Brian Ross:
All they wanted was the indictment, because the Republicans have a rule that if one of their leaders is indicted he has to temporarily step aside from his leadership position," DeLay told ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross on a full episode of "Brian Ross Investigates." "So the Democrats, all they wanted was the indictment, and that's how they could get rid of me."

In the next segment of the ABC interview (below), Ross covers DeLay's trip to the CNMI. DeLay defends his visit, claiming that there were no labor abuses in the CNMI. Either he is an outright liar or he has his head in the sand (or somewhere else). He even mentions the "current" CNMI governor.

Tom DeLay is scheduled to be sentenced on December 20, 2010, and he could get a Texas-sized sentence of life in prison.

It looks like Tom's equally defiant pal, John Doolittle, picked up on his "criminalization of politics" line. He wrote a self-serving editorial, "The growing criminalization of American politics" that was published today in The Daily Caller. He too excuses Ring and DeLay's outrageous acts.

In jest, Stephen Colbert also defended his "friend", Tom DeLay. He baked him a hammer cake that he said he will send to him when he's in prison. It's "full of iron and a hammer," he said.


Anonymous said...

The only "criminalization of politics" is being carried out by crooks like these guys, who sell their votes to the highest bidders.

Anonymous said...

I am curious if Abromoff's wife is still around and what type of house, and where they will be living? Who owns the property?