He's Back!

December 4, 2010

In an island style ping-pong political match, Governor Fitial has renewed the contract for CNMI Department of Public Safety's militant Deputy Commissioner, Ambrosio Ogumoro. Twice when the governor was off-island, Lt. Governor Eloy Inos terminated Ogumoro, and twice when he returned the governor has reinstated the unpopular deputy commissioner.

Why? Governor Fitial explained to a KSPN2 reporter that the termination of Ogumoro by  Lt. Governor Eloy Inos was based on a conflict between Ogumoro and the Lt. Governor's daughter, Kaye Inos.

Fitial said, “ I have to understand how he feels about his family, so I would do the same if it was my daughter, I would protect my daughter."  I wonder what Inos thinks of this latest action and statement. It seems that the governor's loyalty is with Ogumoro and not Inos. Ambrosio Ogumoro has had conflict with far more many within the department than just Kaye Inos who quit her job last time the governor reinstated him in July 2010.

Over the last few months several formal complaints have been filed against Ogumoro concerning hiring practices, harassment, intimidation, and retaliation for those who won't support him. Attorney Robert Torres cited cases where favoritism was evident regarding promotions and pay raises in DPS hiring practices. 

Ogumoro publicly attacked those who criticized his questionable practices.  Some actions unrelated to personnel decisions have also been questioned. While at a DPS staff meeting, he reportedly instructed DPS personnel to bring food and drink to the political campaign of Covenant candidate Joseph Camacho, which is a violation of the Hatch Act.
In several more distant incidents Ogumoro demonstrated that he has a hot temper, lacks control and probably cannot be trusted to uphold the principles of those entrusted to protect the public.  In 2006 he threatened to blow up the DPS office and kill the governor. He was convicted of unlawful possession of ammunition in 2006. Also in 2006 he was arrested for beating his wife, but those charges were dropped in a plea deal.  In 2008 Judge Robert C. Naraja expunged his record and he was reinstated in the DPS.   In May 2010 he was terminated after he displayed once more a hot temper in an unauthorized news conference where he appeared to be upset with DEA involvement in the arrest of a Tinian police officer for drug possession.

More unusual may be the fact that Ogumoro allegedly made sexual remarks about the governor's wife, which the governor seems to ignore or dismiss. DPS Sergeant Deleon Guerrero filed a complaint against Ogumoro which was quoted by the Marianas Variety:
In his complaint, Deleon Guerrero said Ogumoro lacks the required temperament and leadership skills to serve as deputy commissioner “as evidenced by his short fused outbursts, use of profanity, discussion of specific personnel problems, criticism of [Tudela], and..making…sexually suggestive remarks” about the governor’s wife.

“You know, when the first lady wears those sexy clothes…sometimes I wonder when the old man is gone,” Deleon Guerrero quoted Ogumoro as saying during a DPS command staff meeting.

He likewise accused Ogumoro of ordering DPS personnel to “participate in illegal hiring activities of civil service employees without undergoing the competitive selection process, and by means of selecting candidates based on personal preferences in total and blatant disregard as to acceptable hiring practices and in complete contradiction of CNMI law and the Personnel Service System Rules and Regulations.”
What is the real reason that the governor has reinstated Ogumoro? Some have suggested that Ogumoro has some "dirt" on the governor and he has no choice but to reinstate him or be exposed.

The rift certainly has to be creating bad blood between the governor and lt. governor. Governor Fitial doesn't even know the last time he spoke to the Lt. Governor! When asked by the KSPN2 news reporter, Fitial said, "I don't know exactly when."

Expect more fireworks on this story.

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Anonymous said...

Was Inos at Camacho's campaign rallies?

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic!

Anonymous said...

This guy is corrupt as Fitial. Inos should walk away.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Inos will be the one to start a recall petition or impeachment proceedings.
Wake up Inos!!
But Inos stated that when the Gov returns that the Gov may reinstate Ogomoro.
Inos also aid that he should place Ogomoro in another agency. So his predictions of reinstatement were true.
But what does this guy have on the Gov.

Anonymous said...

Fitial showed where his loyalty is and it is not with Inos, not with his wife but it's with felon Ogumoro. Yep, the guy is blackmailing him.

Anonymous said...

A fine example of the corrupt joke that is Benigno Repeki Fitial and his disfunctional administration.

Anonymous said...

Let Ogumoro investigate the case of the cop beating Jin Dong Wang. What happened to Bucky's investigation?