More CNMI Election Irregularities

December 3, 2010

The CNMI election trouble seems to be never-ending.  Several concerned citizens and Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan filed complaints with CNMI and federal authorities alleging election law violations, including violations of the Hatch Act. Among the complaints were that CNMI government employees were ordered by Fitial appointees to participate in Covenant candidate Joseph Camacho's campaign events.  There is evidence that planning for the events was conducted on government time using government equipment.

Now Guamanian Carlo Branch who campaigned for Carl Guiterrez in the Guam governor's race has filed election complaints with the U.S. Attorney's Office, the Guam Attorney General, and the Guam Election Commission.  He claims that 19 individuals voted in both the 2010 Guam and the CNMI elections.

He wrote:
As a result of independent research that has been verified for accuracy, attached is a list of 19 individuals who voted in both the 2010 Guam and CNMI general elections. As you well know, the act of "double voting" clearly and criminally violate Federal and local election law.
He stated that he believed that the 19 individuals "may represent only a fraction of a much larger whole."

I am unsure if a complaint has been filed with CNMI authorities or if they even know about this.

The 19 individuals accused of double voting included some names that were very familiar to me as they lived on Rota when we did.  The 19 are: Cliff M. Atalig, Laralyn Atalig, Thomas Atalig, Agnes Camacho, Downa M. Douglas, Rhea B. Hocog, Jesus T. Lizama, Richard T. Lizama, Richard Manglona, Teresita Manglona, Zena Manglona, Joaquin M. Ogo, Severina A. Ogo, Shawn W. Ogo, Talia Neshay Atalig Ogo, and Francisco Palacios. Here is a copy of the letters that Branch sent to authorities:


Anonymous said...

Irregularities should definitely be investigated, but he's not going to win the Guam election based on the few possible "double-votes".

The Saipan Blogger said...


Anonymous said...

The Guam PDN had a short story on a second individual arrested (by Guam DPS) from the PSS on violation of the "mini Hatch Act" for distributing false material about a candidate.
I wonder when anyone (if ever) will get around to the NMI. But in the NMI it will take the Feds as the NMI DPS and AG are also involved with questionable practices.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 7:15

Thanks for the information. Here is the link to the PDN story.

I am fairly cynical when it comes to justice or enforcement of laws in the CNMI. I have witnessed hundreds of police complaints, mainly involving foreign worker victims, fail to be prosecuted or even thoroughly investigated. These include rapes and serious assaults. If the CNMI law enforcement agencies allow criminals to live in the community freely without consequences, what more for those corrupt politicians and others who commit white collar crimes or violate election laws? The only hope for enforcement and consequences may come from the Hatch Act cases filed with the US Special Investigator's Office. I know that they are at least investigating those complaints. I doubt that the OAG, which was guilty of violating the Hatch Act, or the OPA that hired a former police officer that beat up Chinese worker would do a thing to uphold justice.

Anonymous said...

The Feds are leaving the NMI to eat itself up. Their strategy seems to be a hands off one.

Fed Up said...

The feds are enjoying island life and think of their jobs in Saipan as a vacation. Where else in the US could they keep the hours that they keep in Saipan?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who you have in mind, Fed Up, but to my knowledge all fifteen resident AUSAs in the CNMI have been hard-working and diligent. Limited duty hours are not characteristic of lawyers at the USAO (D.N.M.I.) Nor, for that matter, at the CNMI OAG, generally.

1] 1987-1988 George W. Proctor

2] 1988-1991 Richard W. Pierce

3] 1991-2001 David T. Wood

4] 1994-1998 Frederick J. Kerley

5] 1997-2004 Gregory Baka

6] 1998-2000 Kevin A. Seely

7] 2000-2004 John J. Rice

8] 2001-2005 Patrick J. Smith

9] 2004-2006 James D. Bowers, Jr.

10] 2005-2007 Timothy E. Moran

11] 2005-2008 Craig N. Moore

12] 2007-present Eric S. O'Malley

13] 2007-present Beverly R. McCallum

14] 2008-present James J. Benedetto

15] 2008-present Kirk W. Schuler

Anonymous said...

where's the AGO?