More Dolores

December 27, 2010

Governor Fitial sure has a knack for placing convicted criminals, lawbreakers and "couldn't make it in the mainland" folks as cabinet members, "special" advisors and other high level, high-paying government positions.

Dolores Mendiola Aldan San Nicolas, who assisted the governor in releasing a criminal from prison to give him a massage, was criticized for her actions as commissioner of the Department of Corrections.  She assisted her criminal husband's escapades in violating a court order by going to his ex-wife's property in Tinian.  She gave her violent criminal husband, Vicente Aldan, weekend furloughs when she ran the DOC.  The anti-federalization, Covenant Party member was also a participant in election-gate and gun-gate.

After the massage-gate scandal, Fitial removed her as the head of the Department of Corrections and named her his special political advisor.  What does she actually do in this position? What kind of credible or meaningful advice could she possibly give?

Now Aldan has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  She reportedly owes creditors a whooping  $329,226.07. The Saipan Tribune reported:
Among her biggest creditors are Personal Finance Center, from whom she owes over $93,000; GC Service Limited Partnership Collection Agency in Houston, $35,587.07; Marian Milne, $34,000; and Wells Fargo Financial, $28,000.

The other creditors are Gold's Gym, from which she owes $1,600; Countrywide Homeloan in California, $32,000; MGC Mortgages in Texas, $31,759; Student Loan Corp., $28,780; attorney Mike White, $4,200; attorney Joshua Berger, $18,000; SARS Co., $15,800; and $6,500 for a Labor case.

Aldan claimed to have personal property totaling $50,500, including $50 cash at hand. She did not list any real property.
When I read about the outstanding wages she owed, I wondered what judge would allow her to cheat a worker and walk away from that debt? I am not sure, but in September 2010, the CNMI Department of Labor ordered San Nicolas to pay her former domestic helper, Chona De Leon Manalac, $6,395.31 in unpaid wages. Seems San Nicolas violated the law by paying her maid only $300 a month instead of minimum wage.

I wish the employee luck in collecting the back pay. If she doesn't have an attorney, she should hire one and sue San Nicolas forcing her to sell her $50,500 in property to pay the debt.  For decades the CNMI DOL has issued administrative orders declaring that the employee owes the foreign worker wages, but they have turned out to be meaningless pieces of paper that are not enforced. The $6.1 million documented administrative orders that have gone unpaid testify to the routine government-back theft of wages from foreign workers.

A governor in any other U.S. state or territory would terminate a high-level employee if he/she broke the law. It's doubtful that Governor  Fitial will. He'll probably give her a raise so she can pay off some of her debts.


Anonymous said...

A criminal employed by a criminal elected by a bunch of criminals.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should file a Fed. labor case since she already has an NMI judgment.
Maybe the Fed. case would have some teeth.
It further shows, without exception, all of Fitial's people are "class acts" (no class)

BTW what ever happened about the "gun"?
Is Aldan out of jail?

Anonymous said...

I not saying that this place makes the PI look good, but at least in the PI the corruption is institutional. For example, if you want you power cut on you will pay the electric company and you will pay the guy who hooks it up. It's still cheap. Here, it is impossible to tell the difference between the crooks and leaders, who are the same.
It is a shame that the people of Saipan have to put up with this, but that's the way it is in this "Pacific Afghanistan"

Anonymous said...

More Fitial meddling seen here:

Anonymous said...

Are you serious?! AAG Brian Gallagher is on of the best prosecutors the CNMI has had in decades. Check out his resume. He is going home in April after two years.

The way some people in the CNMI treat our prosecutors, with all the personal attacks and second-guessing, it is no surprise the OAG has such a high turnover and our criminal justice system is in shambles.

Thanks for your conspiratorial "insight" and "support".

Wendy said...

Anonymous 4:33

Did someone mention AAG Brian Gallagher? Does this comment belong somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Wendy, check out the 11:17 link, and associated comments on the MVariety blog.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 3:12

Okay -I get it! I wrote about that dismissal today. People who comment on the MV website and here are almost always anonymous so they say things they may not say if they signed their names, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Noni 4:33PM,

What makes him one of the best? Please qualify your statement. Whether he is the best or isn't is of no concern and is no defense to the injustice that he and he office have just caused. If he is so great and cares so much about the wellbeing of the CNMI why is he leaving in April? Why would he announce that in December? Two reason I can think of: He is either a good person at heart and can't stomach continuing the BS that the AG has him doing or he just doesn't really give a damn and he put in the 2 years he agreed to and is off.

Either way, stop defending the AG and his staff and start trying to answer to the many many issues surrounding this case that have been raised in the post, commenters on the Variety and on here, the media and other individuals.

Why the delay?
Where was the evidence kept?
When was it taken?
When was it sent to the FBI?
How did you get it to the lab?
What do you hope to gain from delaying the trail and releasing these suspects?
How do you explain the eye witness that pin pointed Santos?
How do you explain the guilty plea and testimony by Santos?
How do you explain the victims injuries?

The list goes on and on. Since you have been following the Variety comments you have seen these issues. Your only response is "Brian is the best prosecutor and he is leaving in April".

We don't care about that. You know this but it is your only comment because you know that this is a BS sham and an injustice and is being given the okay by the AGO.

No difference from Massage Gate, Pardon Gate, Election Gate and so many other instances!