Pedophile Paroled from CNMI to Continue Sexual Assaults

For years I have wondered what is wrong with the CNMI judicial system that violent criminals and sexual predators found guilty of violent and dangerous crimes are given light sentences, weekend furloughs, early parole, and/or have their sentences commuted.  I have concluded that it is the people within that system who make unsound and even asinine decisions from the bottom up.  There are hundreds of examples of sloppy or nonexistent DPS investigations; careless and half-hearted prosecutions and lack of cooperation by the OAG; ridiculously light sentences for serious crimes handed down by judges, irresponsible decisions made by the Board of Parole; damaging legislation introduced by rogue legislators; and incredibly stupid decisions made by the governor.

The flawed law enforcement system in the CNMI has been recorded from the Halls of the U.S. Congress to the national and international press. When dangerous criminals are allowed to run free it is inevitable that more innocent people will fall victim to the predators.  Isn't it time that that the system be reformed?

The parole of pedophile Michael James Dodd is just one example among hundreds of unwise decisions made in CNMI cases.  In 2001 Dodd taught as a reading specialist at Olepei Elementary School in Saipan where he was accused of molesting numerous young students. In 2002 he was charged with 12 criminal counts and pleaded guilty to five.  Prosecutor AAG Kevin Lynch argued for 20 years, but CNMI Superior Court Judge Edward Manibusan sentenced Dodd to 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine in his July 2002 order. Dodd was paroled on May 15, 2006 after serving less than half of his sentence. His parole stipulated that he leave the CNMI.

Dodd's trail of sexual abuses runs from Saipan to Guam to Florida, to New York to Cambodia.   If the CNMI judicial system had kept the pedophile in jail where he belonged, other victims could have been spared. In 2009, sexual tourist Dodd accepted a teaching position in Cambodia where he "rented" a 14 year old child from her mother for $100 a month to sexually molest her.  He also admitted to sexually abusing other minors in Cambodia.

Pedophiles like Dodd go to Cambodia and other third-world Asian countries to employ a technique called "grooming" where they pay impoverished families to rent their children sexually abuse them. Dodd's 14-year-old victim was shunned by her family after the mother "got in trouble" for the disgusting deal she made with devil-Dodd.

The victim's mother was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Cambodia for aiding in the sexual abuse of her daughter. Dodd was also sentenced to 10 years prison time in Cambodia, but served only 16 months before he was expelled from the country. He was picked up by the FBI's Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team when he re-entered the U.S. He was charged under the PROTECT Act of 2003, which prohibits child sex tourism for United States citizens, even if their crimes were committed in other nations.

Last week a Los Angeles judge who heard Dodd's case, declared that it was "one of the most disgusting cases that have come before this court." Yet he sentenced Dodd to only 104 months in federal prison, $9,500 in restitution, and 10 years supervised release.  The sentence was light because understandably the child did not want to travel to the U.S. to testify. The judge wanted a jury trial and said he would have given him life in prison had the plea agreement not be arranged.

A press release from the FBI/USDOJ stated:
World Vision, the international Christian humanitarian organization, assisted the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in its investigation of Dodd. The agency’s staff in Phnom Penh provided medical care, trauma counseling and vocational training to one of the girls Mr. Dodd sexually abused.

“The trafficking and abuse of children are among the greatest crimes of injustice – whether in the U.S. or half a world away in Asia,” said Shirley Lew-Lee, legal counsel for World Vision International. “However, as demonstrated in Mr. Dodd’s case, collaboration between law enforcement agencies and humanitarian organizations is an essential and highly effective strategy in bringing perpetrators of these crimes to justice."


Anonymous said...

This guy had zero connection to the CNMI before he came here to "teach" and victimize our children and practice his sordid deeds on our island.

The CNMI is poor enough and has enough local perverts. Why should we feed and house countless pedophiles from the Mainland, too? You are right to blame the feds for the light sentence imposed by a liberal judge in L.A.

There are many more mainlanders in the CNMI with an interest in sexual photos (or more) of children, including a self-proclaimed "human rights" attorney. We definitely need more FBI and ICE resources to investigate these crimes.

But as to this outsider sent on his way by the CNMI government, good riddance!

P.S. The CNMI government provided info leading to his capture in Cambodia.

Wendy said...

Whether a criminal is from the CNMI or the US mainland or any other place, if he/she commits a crime an appropriate punishment should be given and parole should not be given to sexual predators and violent criminals. If you checked the links, you would see (as I wrote) that the LA judge could not give a stricter sentence because of the plea deal, which was made because the victim refused to go to the states to testify.

You said, "There are many more mainlanders in the CNMI with an interest in sexual photos (or more) of children, including a self-proclaimed "human rights" attorney. We definitely need more FBI and ICE resources to investigate these crimes. Have you contacted the FBI with any information about these alleged criminals that you claim to know about?

The complaint states that APLE and the Cambodian Police were responsible for his arrest and capture. They notified the FBI about the criminal activities of Dodd that led to charges in the US. The CNMI was contacted to verify his sexual assaults and arrest in Saipan, Judging by the statements in court papers, the CNMI cooperated with the officials who arrested Dodd by providing information about his arrest, sentence and conditions of his release.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 12:16

Your attitude is typical of the island mentality, relying on the next typhoon or the ocean currents to wash away litter and pollution, the Parole Board to get rid of sex offenders, and ICE to get rid of all the foreign workers we allowed in, and the rest of the world be damned. You have no concern for what happens to anyone else as a result of your irresponsibility, but I bet you complain like hell when you think you're being treated unfairly. I guess this is the logical result of civic responsibility being replaced by clan loyalty.

Anonymous said...

It is rare that someone can be charged for what they do in another country. The only charge that comes to mind traveling abroad for sex with a minor.