The People's President

December 21, 2010

Despite all of the propaganda, distortion, put downs and hate-radio promoted untruths about President Obama, the fact is that our President has kept promises.  You wouldn't know it to listen to the media, but there are many who recognize the president's accomplishments and appreciate his contributions to our country.

(Go to this link to see the video in full screen. The embedded version cuts off the right side!)


Anonymous said...

Obama has been a disappointment. Is he a better prez than Bush. Sure. Has he lived up to a tenth of his rhetoric. Not even close. Guantanamo:still open. Iraq:still there. Single-payer Healthcare:Haha. Ending of illegal US activities overseas (detaining persons without charge, kidnapping):Still going strong. Israel/Palestinian Peace:Israel on record building spree in seized occupied territories. Taxes:The poorest will be hit the hardest under his carryover of the Bush-era tax plan.

I could go on. You get the picture.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Obama. Not because he would be the first black President, but because he inspired me and Obama was the most qualified.

When Obama made is one of NASA's priorities to 'reach out' to Muslim nations my heart sank as did any chances of me voting for him again. NASA's mission is Space exploration, not Sharia law, not Islam. There was no spin in that task, there was no propaganda from the right, this was on Al Jazeera, a known anti-American news syndicate which has interviewed vicious terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, someone's been drinking the FoxNewsaid! You decide your vote based on what's in Nasa's mission statement? Are you, like, fifteen? Can Obama get your vote back if USPS introduces a Justin Bieber stamp?

Anonymous said...

I did not vote for President Obama because of his pro-abortion (“pro-choice”) ideology.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised with his performance and the successes he has achieved. I also support him because he is our President, giving himself for the well-being of our nation.

I regularly pray for him and all our duly elected or appointed leaders and their families.

Anonymous said...

So NASA reaching out to muslims, and abortion, are our nations two biggest issues? Go figure.

I had high hopes for Obama. He misspent his political capital and blew it. Better than Bush? Of course he is. But I agree that he has been a major disappointment to progressives like myself.

Biba Hilary!

The Saipan Blogger said...

That's Juan Blanco, Saipan third grader at 2:49.

Anonymous said...

Noni 6:46am:

Who did you vote for? Bush in the past, who launched the Iraq war and ordered the killings of thousands? McCain was a veteran of war. Wars kill people and he personally did too. He ran bombing campaigns out of aircraft. Are you okay with that killing? Is wartime killing justified? What about the killings at the hand of God as testified to in the bible? The flood?

I am happy you are pleasantly surprised with Obama. I am unpleasantly surprised by people that are against Obama and other for a "pro-choice" stance but contribute to or have no problem with the litany of other killings that occur daily and have in the past.

It's not your money! said...

I agree that he has not lived up to expectations. He concedes everything to the Repubs as his first negotiation position, e.g., no single payer. He is still too cozy with Wall Street (see the Nation on this), e.g., the bailouts. He has quadrupled Bush's record deficits. He is hostile to middle class workers, e.g., taxation of "Cadillac" health care benefits (my employer's contribution towards my Blue Cross). He signaled that DOJ would appeal the court decision striking down DADT, when he had the votes in both houses to repeal it. Ironically, he has even failed at communicating the key benefits of his legislative proposals to the voters, as evidenced by the confusion over what his health care reform bill would do; the Repubs were quick to seize the initiative and fill the airwaves with talk of "death panels."

I agree that he has faced some difficult problems, some of which seemed insurmountable. But what president doesn't? Bottom line: he must rein in the deficits, or he will risk alienating a generation of independent voters by reviving the image of the Dems as the party of "tax and spend."

His reelection chances don't look good unless the Repubs nominate Palin. I voted for him, and may do so again, but I give him a C- thus far.

Wendy said...

Thanks Angelo

I could not remember the name of the adorable boy from Saipan who was pictured with the President.

Anonymous said...

Obama is doing more than expected, amidst the negative forces against him.

My husband who is a Republican is now a believer of Obama.

Anonymous said...

The noni who voted against President Obama based on pro choice strengthens the case for requiring voters to pass tests.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. The 50 million plus unborn children slaughtered in our country since January 22, 1973 are, in the view of many, the pre-eminent social, moral, and economic issue facing our nation -- on a par with slavery and the civil war.

The collapse of society caused by sudden population decline is being staved off in the U.S. (and somewhat in Europe) solely by immigration.

Fortunately, this social issue is self-correcting, because the "progessive" pro-abortion forces have fewer offspring, while the pro-life advocates tend to be more fecund.

Despite all the anti-life propaganda spread in our schools, through the families of our country the value of life is being upheld.

Hispanics are predominantly traditional and pro-life.