December 13, 2010

Governor Benigno Fitial and Lt. Governor Eloy Inos are friends again according to the headlines in the local papers.

Press Secretary Angel A. Demapan, said that the pair "met over the weekend to talk things over."

The story lines read like a Hollywood entertainment paper's scoop on a couple who has been having an off again, on again relationship. But no, this isn't about a couple of actors, the story is about the CNMI's two highest elected officials.

It was reported that they even attended a cabinet meeting together and the dynamic duo vowed to "cooperate and work together."  According to Press Secretary Demapan:
“As we approach the holiday season, the governor and lt. governor are determined to embrace the spirit of the season with renewed hope and faith in carrying out their commitment to serve the people of the CNMI.”
Best of luck to the happy couple, but it will likely take many holiday seasons to correct the damage that has been done by this administration.