Unlucky at the Casino

December 8, 2010

On December 4th I wrote a post, Unpaid Wages, in which I discussed that the Tinian Dynasty had not  paid their foreign contract workers for four pay periods.  I was told that the company had been paying their employees who are "locals" and immediate relatives, but not the foreign workers.

I learned yesterday that the foreign workers finally received at least some of their back pay.  One worker reported that they are still owed their wages for three pay periods, but received one pay period's wages on December 6th.

The Saipan Tribune reported that the hotel's managing director, Alfred Yue admitted that the wages were delayed, but denied that locals were given preferential treatment.  I question the truth of that statement.  More than one source told me that the foreign workers were singled out to receive delayed salaries and that they are still owed back wages.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
“I hope they understand our current situation. We're in a very adverse condition here on Tinian,” [Yue] added.

The Tinian Dynasty official assured the hotel's continued operation despite the delay in salaries.

“We're shrinking, but we do the best we can like any other business. The economy is bad and we're still being affected by many factors such as federalization, reduction of flights, and the tourism,” said Yue, adding that the delay was “unavoidable” but not deliberate.

Tinian Dynasty, which opened in 1999, is the lone casino operating on Tinian. It remits 13 percent of its revenue to the municipality, which it uses for the salaries of the island's government employees.

Despite the declining business climate in the Commonwealth, Yue said they have managed to keep enough workers to sustain their 24-hour operation.
Considering the economic problems of the CNMI's only casino, it is amazing that some CNMI elected leaders continue to push for casinos on Saipan.



Anonymous said...

Alfred doesnt know whats going on inside the casino, he's only after the commission he gets with the korean and japanese player.. chinese mafia..

Anonymous said...

A few facts on Dybasty

Alfred is also busy juggling between his Filipina wife (and maid)and children and his Chinese wife.
One comes in as the other goes out etc.(plus girl friends)
Alfred has a big place in the Phil. also.

If any of the employees want their pay, all they have to do is write a letter to ask for how much they want and for what reason.
That is why the "local hire" get their pay.
The Chinese do not want or know how to write letters as many do not know how to speak English or do they want to get terminated and sent back.
Some of the Phil.workers will write the letters and get pay increments, usually the ones that do not live on site and are married or have kids.
The Aust. get draw downs also.

This non payment of payroll has been going on for so many years, since the opening.It is not new.
Especially, everytime after a big winning payout from the Casino.
The NMI Govt.(DOLI) from the first year, has always allowed Dynasty to get away with a delayed payroll which in turn led others in the business sector in Tinian (and outside) to start not paying also, using Dynasty as an example.

One particular person (US Cit.) in the upper management has a "recruiting agency" in China and all hires come through that agency for a fee that is payroll deductible, so these workers are under constant control.

When Dynasty opened they had 1800 workers (including about 200 prostitutes) on payroll. Very fast they started to cut employees in half and kept going down from there.
They tried to put on shows, cage fighting, big screen sports, everything that Las Vegas and other Casino's have, but it was shown that tourist, as a whole, do not go to a Casino to gamble. They come for the packaged tours, food, beaches etc.
The majority of customers for Dynasty is/was all local residents and outside CW. Dynasty employees, after work, are not allowed to gamble or be in the Facility without special permission.(but never on the gaming floor)
There is not enough "local" customer base in Tinain, nor the money to sustain a Casino operation. (Saipan would not have also)
Also at that time they opened, they paid "locals" $4.50 (Min wage at that time was $3.05)Later, after a year or so, they started dropping new local hires down to $3.50 with free meals at the Canteen.
They used to average about 150 -180 personnel turnovers from China a year.

The CNMI Govt. promised Dynasty the new Airport for direct flights and the new seaport for the ferry terminal all to be completed before the Dynasty opened.

As all are aware this never happened.
No seaport and the "new airport" was completed many years later but no direct flights (although approved by the FAA to do so) all of the electronic equipment has been in place for years, also the terminal is not quite completed along with no ILS.
The China charter flights refuse to fly there with no ILS.

Dynasty also never paid many of the contractors in full, from the beginning, that worked during the construction phase.
The NMI Govt. and the NMI courts never would enforce any judgment that was awarded.
Many court judgments were received from Guam and Hawaii. Many also from the NMI courts.
Dynasty had a typical style of, repeatedly, the day before the court hearing to make a motion to negotiate thus putting off any court action at the time and running up lawyers fees for the companies.
Many companies just walked away or took pennies on the dollar.

This is a true communist Chinese style operation from the get go. "Those that have, control those that have not"
Come to think about it, that is also NMI style (and Guam)

Anonymous said...

Please invistigate the GM Tom Liu he's in so much handling of unfeir lebor decisions , The financial comptroller that choke the contact workers before releaseng the money...there are times whirein you need to beg for what you have worked for and all you can recieve are insulting grins and ask you to borrow to someone with enterist ! Forget about going vacation you cannot get your pending payrolls.
i just wander how come these so called executives of dynasty can easily lie at reporters, they have no ethics. Tom Liu lied on the first interview about the salary, now it's alfred yue who can easily lie by the way they are a staunch soppurter of the Lying Governor of the cnmi. I hope someone will come for the rescue and the reign of these unfe-ir executives will end.

Anonymous said...

ive been here in dynasty for 5 years and everyboy knows the style of this two GM's... they are giving hard times to the foreign workers... and they re liars.. they are only who get riched by the dynasty and they are untouchables... pls somebody investigate this two GM's namely tom liu and alfred yue... our salary is what we send to our families in china and phlipines so pls dont delay our salaries and dont lie about it... thanks..

Mel said...

Same goes with Rota Treasure Island Casino, workers don't get paid as well as vendors. Why? No money. Workers and vendors are being punish by this so called investors!