Access to Detention Center Denied Again

January 14, 2011

Weeks after a federal judge granted access to the Juvenile Detention Center for the Northern Marianas Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc. (NMPASI), it was reported that Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Secretary Faisao denied a special education teacher access to the facility. There have been no classes or teacher at the facility for months.

What is this guy's problem? Surely, he knows there will be another lawsuit filed against him. Isn't Faisao in violation of a court order? What is the consequence for violating a court order?

But it's not only a problem with the secretary denying access. NMPASI attorney Matt Holley reportedly notified the juvenile detention facility and Office of the Attorney General to report the problem, and just as before, his requests were ignored. Truly these people are not just incompetent, but arrogant.

The reason for denial was that the "teacher was not cleared for access." However, Attorney Holley stated that the teacher is on the list of "authorized educators."

 From the Marianas Variety:
Holley said, “A real concern at the facility is a lack of education for the detainees. After our visit, NMPASI immediately insisted that PSS provide a special education teacher for the qualified detainees.”

Although Faisao claimed that PSS is the problem, Holley said Faisao’s “actions demonstrate that his ‘efforts’ are to impede PSS thereby denying the detainees educational services.”

On Jan. 7, Holley said NMPASI was “elated” by the information that PSS sent a special education teacher to the facility “after not having one there for such a long absence.”

“This, we hoped, marked a new era of increased services at the facility with more developments to come for some of our island’s wayward children. But our elation was short-lived. A PSS teacher went to the facility the following four days and each day [the Juvenile Detention Unit] turned away the teacher,” Holley said.

...“The most troubling point here is that despite his extensive knowledge Faisao continues to impede the children under his care. The children at the facility have been denied these essential services for so long I have such a difficult time understanding why Faisao continues to stand as an obstacle, especially in light of the recent court case. Unfortunately I believe that litigation is the only alternative, yet again,” Holley said.
What are they hiding in the juvenile detention center? Where is the outrage from the parents?


Anonymous said...

Faisao thinks he can subvert the court's order by agreeing with them and then not following through. He will then go show his dumb drooling face in court, act like he's under attack and trying to meet the requirements, and the judge will simply warn them to see the earlier order through.

A smart judge would throw his criminal ass in jail, and make him an example.

Anonymous said...

"A smart judge.." operativee word is "smart"