CNMI GOP-Backed Steele Out

January 14, 2011

Last week it was announced that the three CNMI GOP delegates would back controversial GOP leader Michael Steele in his bid for re-election as the Republican National Committee chair. Hours ago Steele dropped out of the race.

Reince Priebusis, Chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party is the new RNC Chair.

Steele was criticized for his inappropriate remarks and for wasting money on trips including the one he made to the CNMI and Guam last fall. Critics accused him of traveling to campaign for his own re-election as RNC chair, rather than campaigning for Republican candidates.

Over the last few days, the CNMI made the news with some claiming Steele "bought votes" from delegates representing the territories. From the Daily Caller:
Steele has been able to woo – some would say buy – votes through showering money and attention on delegates on such far-flung delegations as those in Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. These five territories have three votes each, and were a key to Steele’s winning the chairmanship the first time in 2009.
U.S. News reported that the RNC gave $15,000 to Guam and $20,000 to the CNMI GOP parties for their November elections.  Since neither territory has voting delegates, the speculation was that he was buying votes.  What better place to shop for votes, since that has been the accepted island practice.


Anonymous said...

And these GOP rep from NMI stated that they were going to vote for Steele because he was the only member from the US GOP that had visited here.(NMI)
NOT because they thought he was a better candidate.
That tells a lot about the continuing mentality of these "officials" (all ex-covenant and demarcates) That are in control of the NMI GOP.
Then come election time they will change parties again if it suite there needs.

Anonymous said...

Adios to the token black.

Welcome Caligula. I mean Priebusis.

Anonymous said...

Prebius won in the 7th round. He met with the U.S. territory caucus before Steele backed out. I wonder what promises were made to the CNMI RNC.

Money runs the United States. Big Donors wanted Steele out, which was his downfall.

Anonymous said...

Just add a reagan-quoting, pasty middle-aged white dude, and the GOP is normal again.

Anonymous said...

Big donors and 99.9% of racist republicans.

Anonymous said...

7:29 I suppose it was better with a black guy who frequented strip clubs....?

Anonymous said...

4:16: Ooooh strip clubs, and he was black. God forbid. Really I don't care who the gops choose as their mouthpiece. But the fact that you---you moral giant---are terrified of a black man who is a sexual being is very amusing. You must be one of those shriveled-up church-lady hypocrite hold-outs from the Jim Crow era. But I digress; don't let me disturb your reverie. Return to waxing poetic about your shining city on a hill with your vapid little twit of a leader.

Anonymous said...

Vapid twit? Palin?

Hang on. I think I can see Japan from here in As Matuis.

It's not your money! said...

His color was irrelevant. That he frequented strip clubs higlighted the hypocrisy of the GOP's "family values" pretensions much too blatantly for the donors to allow.

Anonymous said...

"black guy that frequented strip clubs"?

There was never a claim that Michael Steele personally visited Voyeur West Hollywood. He reimbursed a staffer.

Anonymous said...

ah, the rabid liberals who hate the GOP...

"Big donors and 99.9% of racist republicans."

"Just add a reagan-quoting, pasty middle-aged white dude, and the GOP is normal again."

the small, atrophied brain of liberals is once again exposed, in all its glory.

then this:

"I suppose it was better with a black guy who frequented strip clubs....?"

ahh the sarcasm..