Hate Legislation

January 30, 2011

So much for civility and understanding in the face of the Tucson shootings.

Last week Arizona Republicans introduced legislation in both the Senate and House "to deny citizenship to any child born of parents who are not citizens of the United States, be they illegal aliens, or foreigners on business or for tourist purposes."

This boldly conflicts with the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution which guarantees citizenship "to all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof."

In fact, legislators have said they are pushing the legislation with the intent of having the Supreme Court challenge the bill to force clarification of the phrase in the 14th Amendment that states, "subject to the jurisdiction thereof." 

The CNMI, which has become the model for hateful anti-nonresident lawsuits, proposals, policies, legislation and statements, actually proposed similar legislation over a decade ago.

The legislation will undoubtedly be declared unconstitutional.

Other states and the CNMI joined Arizona in defending their right to preempt federal law in the enforcement of immigration.  Ten states promised that they would follow Arizona's lead and introduce anti-immigrant legislation similar to Arizona's SB 1070, which is being challenged by the US DOJ.  Those states have backed off because the bills are unpopular with residents, especially Hispanics who make up an important voting block.  Many states with tight budgets are also unwilling to risk expensive legal fights with the federal government.


Anonymous said...

I am fine with keeping it the way it is. I am conservative and hope we can have much better border controls and immigration polices. However, I don't want to start messing with the Constitution. You liberals on one side of you face say "Keep the 2nd Amendment intact" while on the other side you say "the 2nd Amendment was not made for today, so it must go".
Nah, keep them both the same.

Anonymous said...

The 14th Amendment is an antiquated piece of legislation that needs to be changed. Tens of thousands of illegals have children for economic reasons only. This is one of the reasons why our medical system is so taxed and bloated. Korean women in their third trimester cover up and fly to Guam or the CNMI just to have babies. It's an abused policy and if you disagree you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Obscene. Funny how there aren't any Native Americans involved in the development of such legislation. Obscene, racist and hypocritical.

Captain said...

This is interesting, I don't remember this attempt from Tenorio. I guess there was so much other nonsense he was into that it is hard to remember specifics after awhile.
But everyone can still see his (Tenorio) mindset has not changed over the years.
But he has added the off islands' locals to his "hate" list.
I am still amazed as to how this guy got reelected into office again and he seems worst than before.
All about himself. (but then I guess that was what it was before)

Anonymous said...

And you've forgotten the ideals America was founded on.

Anonymous said...

The ideals were that all white men were created equal

Anonymous said...

jus solis has run its course. it is costing the US millions if not billions. why should a an illegal alien get free med care while US citizens cannot. stop the BS and can the law.

Anonymous said...

Are we seeing a return to attitudes we thought had been outgrown 15 years ago?

Hopefully the CNMI's economic desperation will not serve as an “excuse” for further victimization of aliens, like the infamous recruiting of Bangladeshi “security guards” in the mid 1990s or the bogus “Saipan University”.

Despite any short-term economic problems exacerbated by federalization, at least there is the salutary effect of enhanced border control.

The feds don't play around when it comes to educational scams.


Anonymous said...

Economic recessions and depressions often bring out the worst in the stupid.