January 7, 2010

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet." Shakespeare

Likewise, whatever label Fitial affixes to himself, he will remain a corrupt politician.

The big news today is that the CNMI governor, who left the Republican Party in 2001 to form the Covenant Party, has now rejoined the CNMI Republican Party. The governor's failed leadership has successfully turned the CNMI into a sinking ship and has unfortunately branded the commonwealth with the corruption label.

Governor Fitial is posturing to undo the federalization law.  He intends to use his newly attained Republican Party membership/label to cozy up to the U.S. Republicans, who for the next two years have control of the U.S. House. We have a Democrat President and the Senate is controlled by the Democrats, so that would be a futile quest at best.  I predict continued divisiveness and gridlock for two years, as self-serving elected officials put their quest to be re-elected and their loyalty to the special interest campaign donators above the needs of the American people.

This governor is already the subject of jokes in Washington, DC for massage-gate and other unsavory and  legally questionable  antics.  His plan to push his agenda through the U.S. House will fail.  The members will not forget the history of this corrupt governor, no matter what he labels or re-labels himself.  In fact, I am sure many will be amused that he dumped the party he created to get elected to re-label himself to push his agenda in DC.  From his antics with Jack Abramoff (where he miraculously avoided an indictment); to massage-gate; to paroling murderers and other violent criminals; to hiring a gun-toting, drug-using bodyguard; to attempting to fix elections; to wasting millions in hiring special advisors, lobbyists and the like; to placing inexperienced and criminal people in cabinet level positions; to signing off on unconstitutional laws and policies, to financially ruining the CNMI to promoting racism and xenophobia, this governor has certainly made a name for himself. The name is Corruption. No need for a Republican label because everyone know what's behind it. Corruption!

The governor will try to take control of the CNMI Republican Party, and like the Covenant Party it will be known from the CNMI to Washington, DC for all of the worst qualities that the CNMI represents. The only political party that will gain strength in the CNMI is the Independent Party.

The governor's moral compass broke a few decades ago, and he failed to replace it. This is a man who is motivated by self-interest, money, and power. No one should be surprised by anything he does, and few with any integrity or background history on the guy, will even listen to him.


Anonymous said...

This is happening for one reason and one alone. They see this as the only chance to beat Kilili in the next general election, as it's in the air that he will run for governor.

Anonymous said...

This is a spot on post. If the graphic wasn't so true it would be hilarious. Corruption is corruption, and scheming Fitial will be corrupt until his dying day. It oozes out of his pores and stinks the whole NMI.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans in the CNMI are crazy to welcome the same man who attacked them repeatedly and abandoned them so he could win the NMI top post. You are right that party crasher Fitial is self serving. He will bring that party to its knees.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the guv join the Democratic Party when the Democrats were in control of the House? What a crock!

Anonymous said...

Not every Republican is onboard with this. Watch the exodus from the Republican Party. Independents will be the new top NMI Party.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like time to reinvigorate the NMI Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Yes, reinvigorate them behind Kilili and a group of honorable decent and sensible candidates.

Green Cards for All! said...

Kilili is a good and honorable man, a Man for All Seasons.

For him to formally “come out” as a Democrat for his 2012 reelection campaign, and then “lead the ticket” as a reelectionist Delegate in 2014, cheering on whomever the party nominates for governor (after a primary, if need be), would be a great boon for the NMI Democratic Party, and could signal the end of the generational Covenant-Republithug mafia reign. Especially as so many of the crooks have taken their money and run to the mainland, leaving the young reform-minded voters ready for change.

But if Kilili takes Zaldy's advice and doesn't seek the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, who has the courage and ability to do so?

Tina? Edwin “stopthelies” Propst? Glen Dale “TheTruthHurts” Hunter? Pamela S. Brown?

We don't need more retreads like Jesse or Justo, lest we get four more years of puppet-clown mafia appointees. However, Kilili might not want to risk the entanglement of joining a party. It might be safer for him to remain “above the fray” and not tied be down to a party, which is the tactic Edwin has been advocating on the blogs to his supporters.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Edwin was part of that "new" democratic party that included justo and the "old" jesse sablan, former froilan man. not the wisest of ways to "take over" the party.

Anonymous said...

the Democrats are a mishmash of newbies and old corrupt politcos. there needs to be a new party or an independent one. who would ever thrust these old politicians? all they do is change parties when convenient, and will operate in the "old way" of nepotism and backroom deals.

Anonymous said...

And what will stop the “old corrupt politcos” from jumping on the new bandwagon?

Even the most ardent advocates of “change” and “reform” often end up just like the very people they vehemently criticized and replaced. We saw that in the CNMI, with “pure” candidates supported by the most vile online dirty tricks -- resulting in the defeat of the supposed “reformers”, followed by enduring bitterness and social discord.

Biba Independents!