More Attacks on Nonresidents

January 25, 2011

Saipan and Northern Marianas Municipal Council Chair Ramon Camacho declared that local and federal officials should "look into the status and conditions of nonresidents who decided to remain in the commonwealth until November 2011."

Camacho said, "The government must monitor the movement" of legal nonresidents.  He said that the presence of the unemployed nonresidents is "out of control."

How are these legal nonresidents "out of control?"  Are they attacking people? Instigating riots? Every week, the local news media reports many crimes, but relatively few are attributed to nonresidents.

The nonresident workers are in the CNMI legally until November 27, 2011.

How does Camacho propose that the nonresidents be "monitored?" That statement evokes gestapo-like images.

Camacho claimed that the nonresidents were working on farms "without contracts" and "not paying taxes." Really? Are those who own these farms paying the fees for business licenses; do they pay taxes? Will they too be monitored?

So many have criticized foreign workers for "sending money home instead of spending it in the CNMI."  In fact, it is no one's concern where nonresidents send or spend their money as long as it is not in an illegal way.

These same complainers never show any concern over the fact that thousands of nonresident workers are owed money by their cheating and criminal employers who failed to pay them all of their wages or took illegal deductions from their pay.  They fail to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the nonresidents pump into the local economy every year with their purchases.  They forget that even though they are disenfranchised, most nonresident workers are employed and do pay taxes.

What is the reason for the recent escalation of the anti-nonresident sentiment from Kaipat, Camacho and others in recent weeks?  Such xenophobic attitudes and rash statements do nothing to promote justice or to uphold basic democratic principles.


Anonymous said...

They need to stop the racism and think of ways to raise revenue.

Anonymous said...

Are the nonresidents forming an army? Camacho wants to monitor their movement. Maybe he thinks they will attack cuz they're out of control. Sickening words. He is adding to the racist dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Camacho time to shut your trap. Four days in the paper is enough. No body wants to hear from you again. Just what is your job as municipal council. Are you the new Labor Dept? You and Kaipat are two peas in a pod. Both racist and talk to much.

Anonymous said...

Plain TALK doesn’t really work! THINK of something that will WORK. Then, MOVE on, Mr. Camacho!!! We heard that a thousand times, what you’re saying are trashy. DO something that is good for your constituents this time of need, they have long been waiting for you. CWs are not the enemies, they’re here helping CNMI for the jobs that you can’t do. CWs pay taxes, why don’t you make a study on who pay more taxes: Residents or Non-residents? Interesting, huh?! The real culprit here is you and people like you!

Anonymous said...

why some of the goverment officials like camacho and kaipat blaming the nonresidents worker for the failing economy of the cnmi?they should solve first the problem in the govt..

Anonymous said...

Monitor? Hell, the only thing a government worker mointors is the clock at work so they know when to go home.
Almost all of your criminals are local, and by that I mean Indigenious. Of course, this is the way it is most places so Saipan is not really that different. Contract Workers are Guests on the island and while not perfect,they don't usually cause trouble.
The local government is full of loons. Total loons. They could not find water in the ocean or dirt on a hill. If they did all they would do is create...mud (which is what their heads are full of.)
Well, got to go outside now. I hope I don't run into that roving band of angry, murderous, non-resident workers that will shoot and stab me and hang me from the highest tree.

Anonymous said...

As what the priest says:

Peace be with you!

Anonymous said...

Why did the CNMI economy fail?
Because of the CNMI government.
Who brought in all the OCWS?
The CNMI government.
Who made all of the problems?
The CNMI government.
Who begs the feds for money and help?
The CNMI government.
Who fights against the feds and won't work to solve problems?
The CNMI government.
Who can't work to fix the mess?
The CNMI government.
Who gets blamed?
The feds and the OCWs.

Anonymous said...

Well said 7:20pm

Anonymous said...

I'll take Camacho seriously when I see him wait tables for a year. The municipal council and Camacho's of the world need to be gone.

Taglish said...

Mr. Camacho, tons of more important things to do and problems that need urgent solutions await you. May I request you to go to Revenue and Taxation to enquire why W2 forms are still not available as of this time. May I remind you, that it should be at least distributed to employees by the end of this month. Obviously, that office is very inefficient!
And mind you, people there are such maleducated. Why in this world they're so offended to be asked when will this tax forms be out to public. I think CWs are highly needed there, don't you think so? I could volunteer!!

Anonymous said...

7:20, that is so correct, you should put that in the appropriate comment section in MV.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I comment here because it's well researched and dinified . The Mv has some ridiculous comments and I don't have time to sort through them all.

Anonymous said...

Unemployed non resident workers should be monitored for their own safety. Where do they live? How do they eat? Do their kids get medical care? I know of a few dozen who've built small shanty towns in lower base which resemble the streets of Manila. They fish for their food I suppose. DHS will most likely develop some sort of 'tag and release' program. I know of border States that want to use this system to track illegals and others.

Anonymous said...

The US Federal Government has made it very clear that by November 2011 non resident workers must find a job or leave. DHS as well as thousands of non resident workers need to start preparing for the inevitable - flying back to their own country. There can be no spinning this. The law is the law. Non residents need to start saving money for a plane ticket. It would be unwise to face real deportation from the United States. That would get you arrested and face jail time as well never being able to return.

Anonymous said...

4:57 You don't know the law after November 2011 because it hasn't been issued. the last employer of record will pay the airfare, not the worker. It's unwise to put out the bulls**t like this.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 3:41

What border state wants to use a "tag and release" program? Let me guess? Arizona? It is a disgusting proposal. The idea of "monitoring people" is Nazi-like and also un-American. The day DHS comes up with a monitoring program for aliens or a "tag and release program" is the day I leave the United States for good.

Who will pay for voluntary departure? said...

USCIS or ICE would have a real problem charging the “last employer of record” (under CNMI law) for repatriation expenses if that employer had offered return transportation but the former employee turned it down in favor of “free agency” in the CNMI for a year or two under an Umbrella Permit (hoping for an increasingly unlikely green card as the payoff).

If DHS wants to make shouldering repatriation expenses a condition of employees hiring a CW worker, that is up to them. The 19-page, subsequently withdrawn (by court order due to inadequate comment period) Interim Final Rule, 74 Fed. Reg. 55094 (Oct. 27, 2009) (CNMI-only transitional worker classification: CW classification), did require that the employer petition for [already lawful] aliens to obtain status, for a fee of $470 ($320 + $150) per person, Id. at 55098-99 (multiple employees permitted on single petition if in same occupational category), and that employers repatriate employees granted a CW-visa if terminated early. Id. at 55099 (“The rule requires that the petitioning employer pay the reasonable cost of return transportation of the alien to the alien’s last place of foreign residence if the alien is dismissed from employment for any reason by the employer before the end of the period of authorized admission.”).

This is going to have the effect of making employers much less willing to take a risk and hire CW-visa holders unless they are sure they really, really need them.

“This requirement also protects the Federal government from the potential costs of removing indigent aliens from the CNMI.” 74 Fed. Reg. 55094, 55099 (Oct. 27, 2009).

However, what about those who are already out-of-status, or who cannot find jobs by 28 November 2011?

The federal government should make some effort for a voluntary departure program now, perhaps through the Air Force using a C-141 military transport plane carrying returnees to Manila. There are a lot of people who want to go home already (including U.S.-citizen kids), recognizing how bad the economy is here compared to RP.

But they can't afford to go home!

This is something Kilili could work on with DHS and DOD.

Anonymous said...

The long-term OCWs will be given US status. After all Gov Fitial begged to the judge that he had to keep every last alien worker or the economy would crash. Then he told US Congress if every worker left by 2014 the CNMI would be in terrible trouble. The US will grant all of the long-term OCWs permanent status. No need for anyone to go "home." WE ARE HOME!

here til i get my due said...

If it comes down to my employer not paying my way out of NMI I will file a law suit. I will not pay for any plane ticket. A contract is a contract and a law is a law. I all ready have back pay I am owed. I all ready am owed medical. Before we go any where the NMI will see so many lawsuits. No one will ever leave the NMI until the bosses hand over every penny they owe all of us.

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:46 a.m.,

Governor Fitial's testimony has been completely overcome by events, and is a slender reed indeed upon which to rely for green card status.

The CNMI's economy has already crashed. A worldwide economic decline, uncertainty and delay in issuance of CW-visa regs, and most importantly the imposition of federal minimum wage have combined to sharply reduce the number of CW employees needed.

The number of CW visas granted will not come anywhere near the cap of 22,417. On the bright side, if USCIS doesn't change the regs too much, those who do find an employer willing to pay the $470 permit application fee may also be able to bring their families here to join them for as long as the CW visa remains valid. Interim Final Rule, 74 Fed. Reg. 55094, 55100 (Oct. 27, 2009) (Part III.G.).

Anonymous said...

think about it....if most alien workers will leave CNMI after Nov. 27, 2011...who will clean your houses? who will cook & serve you food at the restaurants? who will collect trashes everyday? who will assist you at the hospital, clinics & dental clinics? who's going to clean your cars? who's going to help you grow and sell local produce? who's going to deliver drinking water to your houses and offices? who's going to babysit your kids while you're at work? who will assist our tourists? who will build or fix your houses & roads? THINK ABOUT IT!!! we need to help each other not blaming each other. Everybody in this small island will suffer so please find a SOLUTION and not a DESTRUCTION!

Anonymous said...

Camacho says that there are too many third country nationals who are unemployed and then claims that they are not paying taxes.

This is how shallow minded Camacho is. How can someone who is unemployed be expected to pay payroll taxes?

Anonymous said...

Did that stop Congress from passing Pub. L. 110-229 or help Fitial win his lawsuit?

Congress has decided that the people of the CNMI will have to learn how to do these “menial” tasks just like inhabitants of every other community in the United States do.

The consequences of federalization are already upon us, including the inability of most guest workers in the CNMI without specialized skills to find employers willing to pay $470 for them to have jobs.

Most hospital and dental workers are covered by existing laws or certainly will be among the fortunate few to get CW visas.

Anonymous said...

If that day comes, it will surely be a workers market. Raise pay or get no local employee. It will be that simple.

Anonymous said...

this island will not prosper if there are no citizens with skill, ability, education and hardworking; and these are the people you want to go home? if these people will stay, this island will get ahead.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it would be better for many of the CW to apply for the higher paying jobs in Guam under the work (visa).
The buildup should be good for about 4 years or more.
I think it would be good for many in the NMI from the elected and others just to see how much the CW are really needed and relied on.
If they are not around come the end of the year, there will definitely be a mind change and also in the private sector they will have to start to pay a realistic wage based on qualifications and job category.
I would start by putting applications in Guam, BUT wait until the final Regs are out in March before processing the actual paperwork on any prospective job.

In the past there was a proposal on a free travel and work authorization between Guam and NMI due to the "buildup.
If this is in fact what happens within these new regs, then there most likely will be an exodus of workers to Guam while maintaining their families in the NMI.
This may then cause an increase in wages in the private sector in an attempt to keep their "skilled " workers.
This would be a win, win situation all around.
There would be jobs for "locals" at a decent wage along with some of the CW that wanted to stay.
It would also infuse money into the NMI economy from the CW that are working in Guam by the "remittance" to their families in the NMI.

Anonymous said...

Pray that the regulations be out in March! We'd been waiting for that "Regulations" for ages. It should be good because the Feds are taking a long time making it.