No Get Out of Jail Free Card

February 7, 2011

Former Lt. Governor Timothy Villagomez, his sister Joaquina Santos, and her husband James Santos, who were found guilty of charges relating to the CUC-Rydlyme scandal will remain in federal prisons during their appeal to the Ninth District Court.

The trio asked the court to allow them to be released on bail pending their appeal through three motions, all of which were denied. Visiting NMI District Court Judge Michael W. Mosman denied their fourth motion for release on bail stating that "it did not raise a substantial question of law or fact within the meaning of the bail statute."

Read the Judge's order:


Anonymous said...

I wonder does Fitial ever visits Villagomez and the Santos couple on his many trips to the US. if he does, I bet he gets a shiver thinking how close he has been to being in their place.

Anonymous said...

No he doesn't, scattered as they are in Dublin, CA (Mrs. Santos), Atwater, CA (Mr. Santos), and Tucson, AZ (former Lt.Gov. Villagomez).

Federal Penitentiaries and Federal Correctional Institutions tend to be off the beaten path, and visiting hours are usually limited to weekends, for a limited number of persons on the visitor list for each inmate.