Triple Blah

February 2, 2011

Governor Fitial has a new masseuse. He was so fond of his former masseuse, Qingmei Cheng, that he got her out of jail to go to his residence to give him a massage. From the Saipan Tribune:
“You know my best masseuse who was the one who was arrested, and guess what? They thought that she was one of those runaways to Guam. Turned out she's the only one with an umbrella permit so they secretly let her go,” Fitial said.
Yea, right. If she wasn’t guilty then why did she enter a guilty plea?

Rep. Froilan Tenorio started a shouting match on Capital Hill when he suggested that the way to fix the deficit was to layoff government employees in Rota and Tinian because their Senators defeated the Saipan casino bill. Petty rather than professional seems to be Tenorio’s choice behavior. Even if that failed casino bill had passed the CNMI surely would not see any revenue for years and years!

Ramon Camacho, Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council Chair says that some local residents are behind fraudulent corporations that employ nonresident workers. From the Marianas Variety:
He cited the increase in the number of vegetable stalls and “mom and pop” stores in different villages on island.

“They know who they are,” he said, referring to the local residents who, he added, are abetting these illegal activities.

He said under a “sponsorship” scheme, instead of the employer giving salary to the employee, the employee is the one paying his employer.

“We have a lot of those cases,” he said, adding that some nonresidents are working on farms after paying landowners.

He said these nonresident workers are not helping the economy because majority of them are sending their income to their home countries and are not paying local taxes.

Camacho said the CNMI Department of Labor and U.S. immigration authorities should work together to deport unemployed or illegally employed nonresidents.

“They should not wait until Nov. 2011 [when the nonresidents’ umbrella permits expire.] They should start sending home these people,” he said.
If Mr. Camacho has documentation or knowledge of illegal activities he needs to contact appropriate officials. Who are these alleged law breakers? What unemployed foreign workers have money to pay someone to hire them, and why they would even consider such a ridiculous agreement since no worker needs a DOL labor contract to maintain an umbrella permit. Perhaps federal officials should contact Camacho, interview him, and see what information he actually possesses.

Camacho should sit down with some USCIS officials or the federal ombudsman and get his facts straight. An umbrella permit is recognized by the federal government as being valid until November 27, 2011, regardless of whether or not the permit's carrier is employed. Camacho and Kaipat need to get their facts straight instead of escalating confusion and misunderstanding.

A recently released publication from USCISHandbook for Employers: Instructions for Completing Form I-9, states:

Q. As a CNMI employer, do I need to obtain CNMI DOL approval to hire an umbrella permit holder? 
A. No. Federal law does not require you to obtain CNMI DOL approval to hire an individual with an umbrella permit in the CNMI. Your new employee must fully complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 CNMI no later than the date that he or she begins work, and you must examine the employee’s documentation and complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 within three business days after the date the employee begins work.

No one with a legal umbrella permit can be sent "home" because the person is legally in the CNMI until November 2011. for many of the nonresidents and their families "home" is the CNMi. Many have been working and living in the CNMI for years, even decades; some for longer than they have lived in the countries where they were born.

Camacho claimed that nonresidents are "not helping the economy because majority of them are sending their income to their home countries and are not paying local taxes." Actually, where a person spends his or her money is not his business or anyone else's business as long as it is legal.

From the Variety:
He said he is not racist and discriminatory as claimed by human rights advocate Wendy Doromal, a former Rota teacher who now resides in Florida.

He said a lot of local residents were disappointed with Doromal’s statement but “I respect her opinion.”
Let's get the quote correct. I said, "What is the reason for the recent escalation of the anti-nonresident sentiment from Kaipat, Camacho and others in recent weeks? Such xenophobic attitudes and rash statements do nothing to promote justice or to uphold basic democratic principles."

I stand by that statement originally made in the post entitled, More Attacks on Nonresidents, and then picked up by the Marianas Variety.


Anonymous said...

Triple blah. Triple embarrassment. Triple misfits. Triple trouble. Triple bad for the NMI. Triple unqualified for office.

Anonymous said...

Is the new masseuse going to DC with him?

Anonymous said...

Despite what he says the governor is on drugs.Froilan sure acts like he is too. Camacho is just dumb.

Anonymous said...

From Variety today quoting the guv: “If they will not help us on amending and clarifying the intent of Public Law 110-229, then, I think it’s only fair, since they contributed to the demise of our local economy, that our godfather, Uncle Sam, should bear the responsibility of being a parent to the CNMI. I am not guaranteeing anything but make no mistake, I will demand [compensation].”

He will DEMAND? Uncle Sam is the Godfather? Is the Godfather Wille Tan? Yep, the NMI acts like a baby and wants the US to be the parent. GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

No one except reporters even listen to these clowns, and one does a thing to correct their lies or stop them. Camacho has no power so he runs to the papers to blab every few days. The guy doesn't even have a clue. Except for some comments in the MV and here, who even attacked his lies about umbrella permits? The federal officials have let him foam at the mouths. Fitial is a greedy demon probably drugged up on pain killers.He thinks the feds owe the CNMI something. They do and it's called a kick in the butt. Tenorio has so much bitterness and anger towards anyone who won't help him get rich off of casinos that he can't reason anymore.

The real question is where is the public outcry? Why isn't there a grassroots action to take these guys out of office? Soon there will not be one intelligent person left in the CNMI. Everyone will leave. While everyone fights and positions themselves and families to get rich, the rest of us sit by idly and do nothing but talk about it. The CNMI is lost. I'd say the last one can turn out the lights, but no need. CUC will fail again soon because there is no money to pay for the fuel for the power plants.