Stanley Torres: "Federal government has been screwing us for a long time"

March 14, 2011

U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Representative Stanley Torres introduced House Bill 17-7 that proposes to "create a commission that will revisit the Covenant and look at an 'alternative' political and economic status for the islands." A public hearing will be held on March 21, 2011 at 6:00 pm at the Saipan Multi-Purpose Center to discuss the issue.

Rep. Torres appears to be once again blaming the federal government for all of the CNMI's problems, most that were created by CNMI 'leaders'. From the Marianas Variety:
In an interview yesterday, Torres, Ind.-Saipan, said the timing is “very right to bring this proposal up because it appears that the federal government has been screwing us for a long time.”

With all the problems the commonwealth is now suffering due to federal restrictions, Torres said it’s about time to reassess the islands’ political relationship with the U.S. as established by the 1976 Covenant.

“The feds give us money but instead of letting us make the best use of it ourselves, they put a lot of restrictions,” Torres said.

H.B. 17-7, he added, will bring the CNMI and the federal government back to the negotiating table which he hopes will make the U.S. “realize” the “hardship” it has imposed on the commonwealth.

Once the new political status commission is formed, Torres said it can renegotiate the exclusive economic zone that, he added, the federal government “took” from the CNMI people.
I am utterly amazed that an official would make such remarks. All federal money and grants have restrictions. The U.S. cannot just toss money at states and territories and hope that the money will be used correctly. Every federal grant has strict accountability requirements.

Recently the CNMI Department of Community and Cultural Affairs was cited for misspending of federal funds. If federal funds are misappropriated with restrictions, just imagine what would happen if their were none.

Rep. Torres may have forgotten that CNMI residents pay no federal income taxes. It is U.S. citizens like myself, who are funding the CNMI with money from our pockets. I do not know any citizen who would want their hard earned tax dollars to go to the CNMI without restrictions and strict oversight, especially during these difficult economic times.

The article states that "they will also look at a future political and economic status for the NMI that includes but is not limited to complete independence from the U.S., free association, or statehood." I wonder how many CNMI residents favor any of these options?

I read the Covenant and don't see how the CNMI has been "screwed". (Read it here.) If anyone has been screwed it has been the CNMI's long-term foreign contract workers, and perhaps to a certain extent the federal taxpayers.

Rep. Torres is known for attacking the federal government, supporting casinos, legalizing marijuana,  introducing a bill to lift a ban on gun ownership, and introducing a bill to expunge criminal records.

In July 2010 he introduced a prayer into the record during a special session.
From The Saipan Tribune
Torres entered on official record his so-called “prayer” for the CNMI during a special session of the House of Representatives on Thursday.

“God protect the CNMI from destruction, annihilation, and eventual extinction due to DOI's recommendation to the U.S. Congress for instant citizenship to over 20,000 nonresident aliens that would outnumber, out-vote, and overrule the NMI indigenous on their own land,” Torres said.

He added, “God protect the CNMI and the state of Arizona in their quest for self-governance. Amen.”
On another note, this same legislator submitted a rather strange invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the letters to the editor section of the Marianas Variety.

It seems all is not horrible with the United States and applying federal immigration laws to the CNMI. Torres invited the Prime Minister to a barbeque at his ranch and noted, "We are a safe travel destination and with a U.S. Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs manned international airport capable of handling 747 (or smaller) jet traffic."


Anonymous said...

let me guess.. stanley is going to offer the prime minister the island's best lechón.

Anonymous said...

Torres is right. The U.S. and the CNMI need to reassess their relationship. The CNMI is all grown up now, and Uncle Sam needs to kick him out of the house and let him fend for himself. He's 31 now, and he's never had a job, keeps stealing from Uncle Sam every chance he gets, and keeps throwing temper tantrums whenever he doesn't get his way. He's dangerously obese, has all kinds of unhealthy habits and associations, and keeps embarrassing his adoptive family by getting caught in scandal after scandal.

Kick him out, Uncle Sam! Let's see if he can survive on his own. Let's see if the bad old world convinces him that he hasn't been getting screwed, he's been on easy street.

Anonymous said...

Noni 5:41

Not kosher, but neither is anything Stanley says. The invitation is odd.

Anonymous said...

People! Stanley's smoking weed again. He's saluting the Israeli flag. He's in his own world.

Captain said...

I think the best thing is to bring up all of the "complaints" to the Feds and also for the CNMI to "breakaway" from the US.
Make a deal that will allow all who want, to be able to be relocated to the US and be given house and property in a place of their choice.
I think the US Congress would love to be able to save all of the millions in funding being sent to the CNMI.
It would be much cheaper for the US to relocate the people that want to relocated, then to keep pumping taxpayer dollars in this place.
Let the US people decide if they want any more money to be sent to the CNMI and if so just how much allowance per year and for exactly what reason.
All of the ones that stay in the NMI can Govern themselves and do what they want.
They can move along the same lines as Naru and look for ways to survive.
Open offshore banking for money laundering, Make a deal with some Govt. to house their Illegals or convicted criminals etc.
The people left can return the blue passports and can kick out all of the CW and foreigners of all Nationalities. (US included)
Close all of the schools (no need education, these elected and Political appointees have been getting along without any all of these years)
All of the leftover indigenous skilled workers can take over control of the power plant, airport and the rest of the Govt. and give them selves the salary they want.
Draw a line down the middle of the Island and have the Carolinians territory on one side with the Chamorro on the other.
Go back to farming and fishing for sustenance.
Turn all of the Hotels into Casino's, and grow and sell "pot" to draw all of the tourists without any restrictions or Visa's.
The island will be flourishing and all of these past elected will be rakeing in the Billions in cash.
Back to the "good ole days"

Maybe I can sell my land so I can leave and join my kids and grandchildren in the before all of this "better days" hit.
But if the US Gvt. give me property in the US Mainland, Maybe I can just leave and sit back and just enjoy my life and family in the US and other places without all of this present suffering and the rest of the untold adverse events that are continually transpiring in the NMI.

Yep, I think Stanley's got a plan. But I doubt this was originally Satanley's plan, I think it was Tenorio's before, Satanley, he just revived it.
This will make many people happy including the US Republican Congress, and even the Demacrate's.

Anonymous said...

Captain, is your land on Tinian or Saipan? How many square meters? How many years left on the lease?

Anonymous said...

well said captain!

Stanley, give up your US citizenship, don't use dollar anymore. use taga stone as your currency. send American teachers & aliens teachers, doctors away. . do blood testing and leave the 100%pure blooded chamorros here on the island. sounds impossible? sounds like you!

TAGLISH said...

Aye, Captain!

How could he be so ungrateful!

My father once told me that I could never be happy and successful if I don't know how to look back and be thankful!

There's always a reason and who knows? Mr. Torres and the like, show chumming up with Chinese thus alienating with US is a must for these serpents!(Oh yes! like serpents.)

the teacher said...

Arizona????? Since when do native Americans run Arizona?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Stanley is hoping for a "joint" session of the legislature.