Truth and Consequences for Threatening Caller

March 4, 2011

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe." --Frederick Douglass

Last week after the peaceful march and Senate hearings, a gruesome threatening phone call was made to United Workers Movement president, Rabby Syed.  The terrorist threatened to chop off his hands, feet and head and kill his family. The caller was put on speaker phone so Rabby's wife could hear what was being said. She grabbed the phone from Rabby and asked him in Chamorro if he was really going to do such things? He hung up.

Rabby immediately filed a police complaint. The DPS and FBI were given the number that the call was made from.  The terrorist called back when Rabby was being interviewed by police and the number was recorded on Rabby's cell phone. I Googled the telephone number and came up with a CNMI DOL vacancy notice that listed the name of the owner of the phone line, so her identity was made known to police and the FBI.

Rabby's family has lived under a dark cloud of fear since the call has been made, not knowing if this person would act on his threats, if he had accomplices, if he owned weapons, if he was watching the family, and when and if he would strike.  Vicky has been afraid to go to work and the children have been afraid to go to school. It has caused major grief and loss of income and security. There was no birthday celebration for Rabby on Monday, as this threat drained the family's happiness like Dementors swooping down in a Harry Potter film.

It is bad enough to be a victim of a threat, but to have community members accuse the victim of making up the story, filing a false police report or fabricating the threat to bring attention to his "cause" made the situation even more difficult for Rabby and his family. Published comments made in response to a Marianas Variety story written about the threat reflect the seriously divisive and mean-spirited attitude of some ignorant community members. (See the post, Dangerous Lies and Threats.)

The male caller who made the threat identified himself as a Mr. "Norita"to Rabby, which turns out was not his real name.  Yesterday a DPS officer called Rabby and reported that they determined who made the threat, and asked Rabby if he would like to consider dropping the complaint.  The nephew (Let's call him JT) of the woman whose phone was used to place the threat (Let's call her JC) apparently was convinced by his "friend"(Let's call him EM) to threaten Rabby because of his advocacy on behalf of the nonresident workers. The terrorist's aunt, JC, called Rabby twice yesterday to ask him not to have her nephew arrested. The nephew, JT, also called Rabby to ask him not to pursue the complaint.

Many questions come to mind. Is it the role of the DPS to make arrests when they solve cases, or to plead for mercy for the criminals from the victims? Shouldn't they arrest the criminals, and then let the courts decide the criminals' fate? Isn't their primary role to protect victims and the public, rather than to protect criminals who may be their friends or relatives? Doesn't the act of asking the victim to reconsider pursuing the complaint put even more unnecessary pressure on the victim and his family?  What if the DPS official told the attacker and his relatives that the officer will plead for mercy, and if Rabby does decides to pursue criminal charges then the criminal or his family seeks revenge? What if Rabby drops the complaint and the guy carries out the threats? Why is DPS putting the victim in this position?

I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe in consequences. I believe laws should be upheld and followed. What if this criminal is not arrested, and instead he is allowed to go free without suffering any consequences, and then he feels empowered to carry out future threats or break other laws?  Such a person may pose a danger not just to Rabby and his family, but to the entire community. Why shouldn't the terrorist caller be arrested? He committed a serious crime. He frightened innocent people including children.  He stole the security, peace and happiness from an innocent family.

Additionally, if an arrest is not made it will give credence to Saipan's ardent truth benders and fact twisters who publicly attacked Rabby by calling him a liar and claiming that he made up the story.

This is not an easy call. Would a public apology and promise to stay away from the family settle the matter? I am unsure...


Anonymous said...

The cops should of arrested the guy. This isn't right.

Anonymous said...

The people who accused Rabby of being a liar are the real liars.Let them eat their words now.I hope they choke.

Rabby We're sorry for your families suffering and hope justice is done.

Green Cards for All! said...

The evil-doer's vile act will likely backfire against his xenophobic motive.

Congress may well decide that the best antidote to such hatred is to grant Lawful Permanent Residence to all aliens legally present in the CNMI for ten years as of May 8, 2008.

Citing this example of social persecution in a Congressional committee report granting the goals of Dekada would be the ultimate in irony.

More power!

Anonymous said...

Where are those guys who said Mr.Syed is a liar? Why did they shut their mouth now? Shame on you guys! Syed, you move on, thousands of guest workers are with you. We love you. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

not only rabby experienced this kind of call..even private business sector too..(harassment,Threats)..FBI should work on this..not the DPS(department of public safety for RELATIVE)

Anonymous said...


5 years, not 10. If 10 years then dekada can be remember for stealing $100 from CWs and leaving out 5-9 years CWs.5 years is long enough to be consider for working here.we have US kids.we need status.It should be status for CWS who don't break laws and worked 5 or more years.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:25PM
Just because a guest worker has U.S. citizen children, that doesn't give him the priveledge to be given a U.S.permanent residency or citizenship, not until the child can petition his parents.
This is such a baseless point if ever the long term guest workers will use this for arguement in U.S. Congress.

Anonymous said...

Is DPS an advocate for criminals? under the U.S. law such act falls on the Anti-terrorist act.(Patriot Act). If I make the same threat to let's say Cinta Kaipat or Gov.Fitial can I expect DPS to ask them in considering on dropping the case? FBI pls. do your job the case falls on your hands, your involvement is a must.

Anonymous said...

The fact that nonresidents of 5-9 years with US children are excluded from CNMI proposal is a valid MORAL argument.

Anonymous said...

Noni 9:22pm

Baseless CNMI arguments:
we don't need to follow INA or US immigration law
we want to keep broken local labor and immigration
there were no serious abuses of workers
"most" support FAS status

the teacher said...

The question of whether to prosecute shouldn't be considered for this case. Reasonable people don't commit such acts and reasonable persons expect that there are consequences for our actions, especially such a gross violation as threatening a resident and his family. This is awful and the perps must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Thinking that they have done this awful act to Mr. Syed who is married to a local, then it could have been worse to a CW. They should be prosecuted to teach them a lesson. He’s 22, he absolutely know what he is doing.

What if a CW has done the same to a local, then that for sure is a different scenario for DPS. No doubt, an extremely big issue for them to get busy with. This is not an American place!

Anonymous said...

anon above,

the aunt is saying that her nephew was coerced by other people, and he doesnt know what he's doing. that doesnt give him the excuse to such thing. he is of legal age.

to top it all, the police are asking bro. rabby to drop the charges. somethinng is fishy here. FBI should really step in.

Anonymous said...

I run a company on Saipan and have been threatened in person, on the phone, on the radio, and on TV. I am a public figure, as in many people know me. I had a local radio personality say I should be hung from the highest tree. Rabby, also, is a public figure. I don't agree with what happened, but I know if it happened to me I would probably just hang up the phone. Actually, I have hung up the phone on these things. I don't doubt that it happened, but what a lot of light you can now shine on it to make the local folks seem just a little worse. It is bad, but all the articles can make it worse, right.
I don't worry about the person who calls me and makes a threat, I worry about the people who don't.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 4:15

1. Threatened on the phone, in person, on radio and tv and took no action against the people? Public threats were broadcast over the radio and tv, and DPS did nothing? Something is wrong here.
2. Public figure or not, threats are illegal. People who make them should be prosecuted,.
3. You claim, "But what a lot of light you can now shine on it to make the local folks seem just a little worse. It is bad, but all the articles can make it worse, right." The "kill the messenger" line is inappropriate. Criminals and wrong doers would love it if they could get away with their crimes. People who shine lights on them let them know that their acts will be exposed and they face consequences. It is not then "local folks" who the light is on, it is the person.
4. People shouldn't have to worry about threats or their safety.

Captain said...

I will try to send this again,with out the whole comment. I sent a comment when this first came out but I guess it never got to this blog.
I am in Asia now, so...?

Sayed, or anybody who knows the name of this "nephew" and owner of the resident phone. Go to the clerk of court. (records) unless it has changed . Have them print out any criminal arrests and convictions etc. (on all whose names have been known, even aunty)
It is all public record.You might have to push the issue. Maybe best Sayed's wife as she is local and can get things done easier with the Govt. employees.
It used to cost $0.50 per page.
If this guy is a drug user he probably has a long history of criminal activity at his young 22 yr age. Also the "other person" record.
These two probably are also on parole or probation.
THAT is most likely the biggest reason the cops do not want to do anything other than these two being related to "connected family" or an elected one or a cops family.
This criminal records check may in itself answer any questions or hesitation Sayed's family has about what action to take.

BUT on this type of case, if it can fall under a civil rights issue, along with other laws, it should be out of Sayed's hands.
It is not at his discretion as to whether to prosecute or not.

Maybe a lawyer can answer that. But it sure does not seem that any of these cops are taking this serious and are only trying to "dispose" of the case to make it go away.
But without the Feds getting involved, there will be no consequences even if the AG manged to get a conviction in court.

It's not your money! said...


The person who made the threat and the peron who egged him on could be charged with a federal crime, Conspiracy Against Rights. "if two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same . . . They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years or both."

Wendy said...

Captain, the investigating cop is the aunt's cousin. The FBI has been notified. So have officials in DC.

Wendy said...

It's not your money

Thank you. The DPS has been playing with Rabby. It looks like the FBI will have to help.

Anonymous said...

You are making a mountain out of a mole hill.
Wisconsin Governor Walker has received death threats as well as some of the Republican Senators. Signs in the rallies have threats. Democratic lawmakers had threats made when passing Obamacare. Fox News has reported death threats to their reporters. Like it or not, Rabby is not normal citizen. He will rile people up with his talk and actions as innocent and legal as they might be.
If it were the policy for police departments or even the FBI to prosecute these harshly, then I would say the guy should be worried. However, that is simply not the policy
Don't expect this case, or any of the others I mentioned above, to go very far.

Anonymous said...

mole brain (aka: noni 10:39am)

Gabrielle Giffords