Guess Again!

April 3, 2011

When Fitial first announced he wanted to rejoin the Republican Party abandoning the Covenant Party that he founded, I said it was to align himself with the Republican Party that took control of the U.S. House last November. He was looking for political favors to reverse federalization, to get more federal funding, and to advance his corrupt agenda.  It looks like I was correct.

The Saipan Tribune reported that Fitial has invited Covenant members to "merge" with the existing CNMI Republican Party.  Why? It looks like the maneuver is based on political power and of course money:
One of those present at the meeting said he supports the push for the merger and to have a Republican CNMI governor, which the committee said will help the CNMI get more attention in the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress.

“The Republican National Committee would have want a Republican governor, and sooner or later, there won't be sufficient funding to operate this government and we need the U.S. Congress help. This is also to develop better relationship with the Congress,” Rasa said.
Many U.S. House Republicans are aware of the corruption within the CNMI government and Fitial Administration.  Whether he calls himself a Republican or Covenant Party member, Governor Fitial is not a person most politicians would want to be affiliated with. He brought a lot of undesirable baggage with him when he resigned from the Covenant Party to rejoin the CNMI Republican Party. Relationships are not built on labels or on party names, but on trust and mutual goals.

Convicted felon Oscar Rasa and the other members of his "Blue Ribbon Committee" who are focused on merging the two parties, can forget begging the U.S. Congress for money to operate the CNMI government.  The U.S. taxpayers cannot afford, nor do they want to bail out a corrupt government that has freely wasted our tax federal dollars by making incredibly asinine spending decisions for decades. Decisions like spending $11 million on a failed lobbying scheme, allowing government officials and personnel to take regular expensive (and often unneeded) junkets to the U.S., hiring useless consultants and special advisors to prepare propaganda masked as reports, spending a million dollars on suing the federal government, and on and on.

When U.S. citizens are being asked to take pay cuts, being hit with reduced pensions, are forced to pay more for health care that was formerly covered by employers, and are faced with essential programs disappearing because of so-called austerity measures, no taxpayer will approve of their tax dollars going to the CNMI to bail out a reckless and unapologetic government.

It would make far more sense to identify local revenue sources, than to work on a plan to sweet talk U.S. Republicans who are slashing and burning essential U.S. programs like maniacs. Do these people even keep up with the news? The government is facing a shutdown because Republicans are threatening to cut programs that Democrats and most Americans so not want to be cut, such as cuts to EPA, PBS and Planned Parenthood. Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois) stated that the Republican budget would result in the loss of 700,000 jobs. Does it sound like we have federal money to waste on a corrupt territorial government's operation?

Aside from the fact that there is no available money, the strategy is flawed for another reason. The GOP is no longer popular in the eyes of the majority of voters.  Obama's popularity has risen considerably thanks rogue Republican House members and governors.

It is time for the CNMI to identify and establish their own revenue sources in the way of income, sales or property taxes or other secure revenue-making ventures.